Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Surprise: April Fool's Day Prep

Hi gang,

I hope you are all doing well this week. I survived my migraine last week, thank goodness. I think that I may be coming down with something else (knock on wood), but since I'm well enough to type, I'm not going to waste precious time telling you about it. Heeheehee.

I can only imagine that Emilee and Marquette have some fun posts/ideas up their sleeves about April Fool's Day. But the good news is, I do too! I couldn't help myself! I'm a terrible prankster, always have been, for two main reasons. 1.  When I come up with something clever, I always end up ruining it by laughing before the perfect moment. 2.  I don't like mean-spirited, gross, hazardous, expensive, or all around cruel kinds of pranks. They aren't fun to me and aren't fun to the person that I'm pranking. End of story. I'm a promoter of fun.

But, perhaps, this year I can find something that I can pull off and enjoy. Here are some projects that I am considering for April Fool's Day (two days from now, I'm staring this plan a little late, I know).

1. Greetings from Strangers in Traffic
This would be totally hilarious. And hopefully, not too dangerous...

2. Xerox Pranks at the Office
Because, really, Xerox machines are such a pain, that this wouldn't be surprising at all. Why, oh why, don't I work in a larger office, where I wouldn't get caught?

3. "Is Your Fridge Running?"
Yes, yes it is.
4.  Impromptu Confetti
Surprise! You're home!

5.  Lava!

This one is genius! Why isn't my color printer working right now?

6.  Mouse Prank
Someone got me with this last year.
And..... drumroll please.... the winner!!!!!

7. The Faux Nail Polish Spill

I'm totally doing this one! I have over 200 bottles of polish, there's bound to be one that I don't care about. Poor Rob... Hopefully, I'll be able to catch it in action.

Are you participating in April Fool's Day this year? What are you up to? Make us proud! We'd love to hear about your pranks!

Happy Foolin',

PS: Thanks to everyone who commented on my migraine post last week. You were all so nice. E-hugs for every one of you!


  1. I guess I'm a party pooper but I don't think practical jokes are at all funny and I avoid April Fools Day like the plague. I don't appreciate being pranked....I get furious when it's done and luckily it hasn't been done to me very much. Like I say, 'i'm like the won't like me when I'm angry'.

  2. Ooh, thanks for these! Though I think maybe the confetti one would work better if the capsule was on the door frame? That way the confetti goes over the person coming in, instead of behind the door, as it looks in that photo. (Assuming we are looking at the inside of the door, and it opens inward?) Pointing upwards so the string still gets pulled & the confetti goes up... yeah, totally going to do this one! (Or maybe at the top of the door? Have to experiment!)

  3. I asked my husband's boss to fire him for April Fool's - bad me!


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