Friday, March 28, 2014

The Improvised Taco

Why does it seem that when we are trying to plan a surprise, the world works against us? It can be hard, and there's a lot of improvising that goes on, but it's so worth the trouble. I LOVE planning surprises. Even if it's "just" a surprise dinner. 

Jessica decided to try out a Pinterest pin as a surprise, and ended up with this fantastic story:

My name is Jessica and I am 18 years old from Topeka, Kansas. I’ve always wanted to submit a Pinstrosity to this lovely blog, but I’ve never had the guts to try anything (And I’m also known for being incredibly lazy.) This morning my dad told me he wouldn’t be home from work until 7 or 8 so he told me just order pizza or whatever for dinner. He usually cooks, because when I try to cook bad things always happen. I was at school today perusing Pinterest and I saw this recipe for an easy crescent taco bake that was made by Pillsbury.
I looked it over and I’m like hey I can do that! It also was a good idea because taco pizza is my dad’s favorite. I headed to my local grocery store after school feeling super confident. Until I pulled out my phone to check what’s in the recipe, and I realized my lovely iPhone was dead. I decided just to risk it and get taco toppings that I would usually get, and then get a can of crescent rolls. I walked through the store all confident like yeah, I know what I’m doing. I picked up some avocados, Rotel, chicken, taco seasoning, sour cream, and all other sorts of taco toppings. I even picked up a tub of rocky road ice cream, another one of my dad’s favorites. Once I hit the checkout lane, I realized my debit card was on my bed at home, and I only had a $10 bill in my purse. So as you can imagine, I panicked. I started to walk back around the store, and try to figure out what I had at home to still make this freaking taco bake. The local pizza joint was just not going to get my money tonight. I knew I had steak from last night, so I put the chicken back. I also dropped my queso, sour cream, and Rotel because I knew I remembered I still had some from making nachos over the weekend. Finally, I got home and started to make this crescent bake which I knew would be a pain. Even before my $10 nightmare, I had picked up the generic crescent rolls instead of Pillsbury because I’m a rebel and I’m also pretty cheap. Opening those crescent rolls was honestly the most challenging thing I ever did in my life. I finally popped open that can but I had mangled my crescent rolls pretty bad. I tried spreading them out on my pie tin, but it was just failing time after time. It was like the universe was laughing at me saying ha-ha you will never make this taco bake. Either that or the stinking local pizza joint. Eventually I gave up and was just going to make burritos, until I decided to attempt homemade “bagel” bites. I rolled my crescent dough into little balls and flattened them, then topped them with Rotel and steak and a little shredded Cheddar cheese. I baked them for a solid 13 minutes, and they came out delicious. I topped them with queso, some lettuce, and sour cream. My near complete Pinstrosity disaster quickly turned into a delicious Pin Spin. The best part was, my dad walked in right as I pulled them out of the oven, so he got a night off from cooking as well. All turned out to be a-ok…. Except I’m still craving that Rocky Road ice cream. 

These sound delicious! Her story made me think of this:

Does anyone open those without at least holding their breath? It's the adult version of a jack in the box. Bah. 


  1. When I eat at friend's house, she asks me to open the biscuits. I don't know what she does when I am not around.

  2. I keep hearing about biscuit can mishaps, is it an American thing? Here in Europe people make their dough at home. The food looks great though!

  3. lol - I love opening biscuit tubes. They ARE like an adult jack-in-the-box!! :D But sadly, I'm too good at opening them - you just press the back of a spoon to the seam.

    Speaking of, have you ever heard that urban legend about the woman who thinks she's been shot when a loud bang is immediately followed by an impact to her head, producing a sticky mass on her cranium? And the police find her desperately clutching a mass of biscuit dough on the back of her head, thinking she's holding her brains in? That story has always made me laugh.

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful young lady!!! Good job for soldiering on despite being thwarted at every turn. I can't even get the pillsbury things to open anymore. It seems like the paper wrapping is cemented on so much that it refuses to rip. So I end up bashing it on the counter edge or pressing down on it till it pops.

    1. It seems like they used to open by just peeling the paper away. Now I have to pry the paper off, bang it on the counter, press it with a spoon, stab the seam with a steak knife, bang it on the counter, and then press with a spoon again ;-)

  5. I love this Pin Spin! See are a natural born cook! I would have given up because if I can't make it by the book it ain't gettin' made!

  6. lol, my dad just bangs it on the counter until it pops open. Two good bashes and they pop right open :)


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