Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Surprise: Anti-Sulking Pins

Happy Sunday everyone. Holy cow, it's March.

I've been having a bit of a unexpectedly cranky weekend. I kept telling myself to get it together and do something creative, but no such luck. My house is currently a disaster zone, and it seems like everywhere I look, I have to do some cleaning before I can do anything fun. 

So, instead of cleaning, do you know what I'm doing? Pin-crastinating. I'm telling myself that by looking at positive, inspiring pins, that I am doing something productive (which sounds irrational, I know). So here are some of the best ones I've found to kick off your week (one for each of the seven days):

1. Gratitude.

Mr. Roger's Lifetime Achievement Award. Did any of you watch Mr. Roger's Neighborhood when you were growing up? I lived for that fellow's show. And this speech is, in my opinion, really touching and wonderful.

2. Perspective.

When life gives you lemons...add a dinosaur.
3. Failure. 

I'm going to think of this quote during my next GCT Level 4 Pinstrosity

4.  Adventure.

Go for it, Pinstrosi-peeps! Ain't no time like the present!

5. Love. 

Mother Theresa knows what's up.

6. Intellect.

Are you a fan of TED talks? Thank you to Pinterest for bringing me to this list of 15 TED Talks to change your life. I haven't gotten through all of them yet, but the ones that I have watched are pretty great!

Blogger is giving me attitude about posting the Pinterest image for this page, so just go to the link above!

7. Friendship.

I'm spending some extra time thinking about how wonderful the people in my life are. I hope you have a number of people to be thankful for also!

I sure hope some (or all) of these made you smile and feel the warm fuzzies like they made me feel. I'm already feeling a bit more optimistic about cleaning all night the rest of my evening. 

Much positivity and appreciation to all of you readers!


C'mon, don't cute and funny animals always make you feel a little better too?

I love animal shaming. Mostly because I've had animals who made me hopping mad, and rather than being mean or upset at them non-stop, shaming them for the internet to see seems like a much more peaceful type of "pay-back".


The Pinterest caption on this next one is "If not made for sits, then why does it fits?" I'm crying with laughter right now.


  1. Thank you for today! Hard to pick a favorite as they are all applicable to life riggt now. I do have to say, I would rather be in cart #1 than #3. Huge difference in the physical postures.

  2. That cat! Oh my gosh X'D I laughed so hard I snorted!

  3. I immediately saw #3 and thought, that looks like Jack Daniels' font, and assumed it finished with Whiskey instead of Wisely. I had to read it twice. I need a day off apparently.

    The cat was hilarious. I'm learning not to drink water while reading. We'll call it a life lesson.


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