Saturday, March 15, 2014

Show-and-Tell Saturday Antique Kitchen Decor

This past week I helped decorate for an event at our church. I am part of a women's group that meets once-ish a month to do service projects, learn new skills, meet for clothing exchanges (occasionally), have a cooking night, or a clean the church meeting etc. This last week we celebrated the birthday month of the women's organization. Usually for March we throw a birthday party themed event and have dinner and all get together to celebrate and socialize. This year the theme for the event was "Chicken Soup for the Sisterhood Soul". In our church we consider all women our sisters and having a theme based on sisterhood for our women's organization just made sense.
I was in charge of décor.
I had a little bit of a hard time at first figuring out how to decorate when the theme was Chicken Soup ( think of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books with uplifting stories). We would be eating homemade chicken noodle soup and then playing a game loosely based off of the Chicken Soup for the Soul board game ( There is a Chicken Soup for the Soul board game?! Yes, yes there is.). I was perplexed for what to do for décor, usually this and the Christmas get together are the two big events for our organization every year. Then I went to my trusty pinterest account and found this!
Then my inspiration came! We would do a vintage kitchen theme! My mom has a TON of vintage kitchen stuff in her kitchen and with her consent I snatched up about 20% of it and with the help of the other women planning this event (we are on a little committee) we gathered our good and here is what we came up with!
Notice there are some old powdered milk cans at the end of the table and a little metal cone my mom used to use for squashing tomatoes, I'm not sure what that one is called though.
The theme colors for our organization are blue and yellow. One of the ladies on the committee had extra blue and yellow gingham so she used pinking sheers and cut the squares out and put them on all the tables (even the food tables).
 I brought 3 of the 4 vases and we did themes for each table, two of the tables were old metal camping (blue and red) which you can see above. My mom had 4 antique rolling pins some even had little shapes carved into them so that when you roll the dough it makes pretty designs! Cute!
We added little cook books to each table, had utensils in each pitcher and then added daisies.
The chevron utensil envelopes were left over from last year and the table clothes were already in our supply closet. Besides the food the only thing we bought for this event were the flowers! I love when we are able to use things we already have to make events happen. I am proud of myself for not having to by anything for this and it totally follows our Use It Up Challenge!! I thought it all turned out very cute and everyone had a good time.
Hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday!


  1. Although I can't really see it well in your photo, I'd suspect that the metal cone is probably a chinois or china cap. Both are strainers/sieves, of different levels of fineness.

  2. What a cute way to decorate for RS birthday celebration!

  3. lots of good ideas put to use - well done

  4. The decorating ideas were awesome! I love it when all the goodies are on hand, rather than having to hit the hobby stores. Excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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