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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ombre` Hair Catastrophe!

We have ALL been there. Every single one of us. Yes even hairdressers.
The bad haircut, the bad color job, the bad perm...or we have maybe even seen all of them at once. The 80's were rough on everyone no worries. 
Poor Hannah like many of us found her hair-spiration from Pinterest and took her hairdresser the picture of what she wanted.
A simple ombre` that is so super in style right now. 
As a hairdresser I can see both sides of this story. 
From a sitting in the chair perspective it can be hard at times to convey what you want, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and here is Hannah's:

The Original

This would be your "run of the mill" ombre`. I was just telling my husband how sick of this style I am. Not that I am sick of seeing it, but that I am tired of doing it on clients. There was one week last year where I probably did 6. Ombre` is everywhere!!!

Well Hannah took her picture in and this is what she walked out with, brace yourselves!
The Pinstrosity

Ouch. Hannah honey I am so sorry! As a hairdresser it literally pains me to see this!
"So the story with my hair... My husband surprised me with a trip to the hairdresser for Valentines. I had only had my hair highlighted a couple times in the past. I've gone to the same hairdresser for years but mainly for cuts. I had several pictures of the ombré color from Pinterest that I showed her. She said she had never seen it before or done it but that she could make my hair look like the picture. I should have known better! Lol so after about 3 hours of lots of bleaching, coloring and sitting under the hair dryer I left with the crazy color that I sent you. After she worked so hard I initially didn't have the heart to tell her I hated it. Plus I had to get home to my 3 small children. I did call her and go back for her to "fix" it but it really didn't look any better. At that point I was about ready to cut off my hair but a friend told me to call her hairdresser who is great with color. He let me come in on a Friday night and worked on my hair for 5 hours!! Until 11 at night! It was a mess but he was able to give me a very subtle, natural looking ombré. If I EVER decide to color my hair again I will definitely only go to someone very experienced and ask all the questions you mentioned in your post. What a nightmare! I was able to keep a sense of humor because its just HAIR  but it did look pretty bad! I don't think the original hair dresser was trying to do anything awful. I just think she did not know how to give me the look I was wanting. Hopefully my hair will NEVER be experimented on again!"

Like I said before I can see both sides of this spectrum having both been a victim of a bad hair do, and being a hairdresser. I will be perfectly honest with a client if I don't know how to do what they want, this saves me heartache, the client heartache and bad business when it doesn't turn out well afterwards!

I feel for this hairdresser. Now I don't know Hannah's hair history, or what products or method were used here so I really can't say what all went on here. But I would hope this hairdresser would be concerned that Hannah wasn't happy with the result.
 With that all being said Hannah did get her hair fixed, and I am sure it was a tedious and expensive process. Here is her after the after picture:

Success! It's not like the original picture, but it does look beautiful and natural. 

Tips to avoid this happening to you!

-Make sure the hairdresser you go to knows what they are doing! Ask for pictures of their work, get friend and family opinions!  Shop around. Go check out the salon, start with a manicure or a blow dry style just to see how they act with clients, what the atmosphere is like. Don't be afraid to be picky! I am extremely picky with who I let do my hair!!
-Be 100% honest about your hair history to your hairdresser. The chemicals we use on hair can do unpredictable things if you have some other chemical hiding in there somewhere that we don't have previous knowledge about! Manic Panic? Henna? Hydrogen Peroxide ( like the medical kind)? I have seen them all hiding under other colors! "Oops, I forgot I did that a few months ago...sorry" is the usual reply explanation.
Surprise!! I am under all this other color and I will haunt you in your dreams!
-Take in lots of examples, sometimes someone will come in and say I want this picture! And sometimes that just isn't going to be feasible  If Kim Kardashian came into the salon with a picture of Gwen Steffani and said "That's what I want, I only brought $100 dollars and I have yoga at 3, make it happen." I would probably laugh at her, some things are just unrealistic.
-Ask lots of questions, Will this severely damage my hair? Should I maybe go with a darker/lighter color? How much will this cost? How long will this take? What products should I use? What is the maintenance of this color/cut/style like? How often do I need to come in? etc.

I am happy that Hannah got everything fixed. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Do your homework!!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps! 
Stay tuned for us to announce the winner of The Pinstrosiversary Challenge this afternoon!


  1. When I worked at a salon a few years ago, it was the inverted bob, I swear, I did that haircut at least once a day for months!

  2. I super enjoy your work!! On a side note, since you are a hairdresser, I would like to know your opinion on henna as a dye. I've asked around and was advised against it, but I feel these hairdressers just wanted my business and were pushing their own product. What do you think?

    1. The thing about henna is one you shouldn't have any other kind of chemical color in your hair beforehand, and then once you have henna in your hair you shouldn't use any other kind of chemical color until the henna is all grown out and cut off. Chemical colors and henna don't play well. I would also suggest that this one of the more high maintenance products, and finding a good color that you love and have easy access too can be difficult. I had one client who used henna because she wasn't fond of chemicals. She went through a lot of different companies over 30 years until she found one she liked. She also had to come in pretty often to get refreshers and what not. Also once Henna is mixed to the consistency it needs to be to be applied it literally looks like monkey poop and applies like thick mud, and I think that makes some hair dressers shy away. It's not the normal product they work with and may make some nervous. If henna is something you are committed to I say try it! But make sure you do your homework first! It can be somewhat hard to maintain, but it is chemical free which is what a lot of people like about it. Also make sure the hairdresser you use is experiences with henna and knows what he/she is doing. As we saw above if they are uncomfortable with a product it can turn out bad! Good luck!

    2. Mt mother has been using henna for about 10 years now. She has pretty dark hair but there was starting to be a lot of white. The henna dyes the white a reddish shade and gives her dark hair a reddish tint. No more white/gray and the look is a lot like having highlights. She has always done it herself, at home. It's easier if she has someone to help but she can handle it herself, too. And she just touches up the roots every few months. The biggest trick is keeping it off her skin or that'll die red, too!

  3. Isn't ombre hair what my hair looks like when Im growing out my roots? Except my poor ombre is grey now :(

    1. Yes it is! That is the draw for many people! It is easier to maintain once you have it if your top most color is your natural or close to your natural color. A lot of people do ombre` because they can wait longer between touch ups...this reason alone is enough for people to jump on this literally head first!

    2. Lol, seriously, I have accidental ombre from a long history of dyeing/a tendancy of my hair to lighten in the sun. I kind of don't get it myself :P

  4. Um, I am not a hair dresser but it looks like I could have put her hair in a ponytail and dipped it in hydrogen peroxide. Anyway the fix looks really pretty.

  5. Hannah's hair looks beautiful now. It's too bad she had to experience the pinstrosity.
    Thanks for all your tips, Emilee!
    I tried an ombre look a few years ago while in Vegas, and it was probably the most painful hair experience I've had. I just remember feeling like my hair was being pulled when she was taking out the foils. OUCH!

  6. Congrats, for 1 year anniversary!

  7. I must admit I don't have a clue as to what an "ombre" is. Was she wanting the hair cut or color job of the first picture?

    1. She was hoping for the color job in the first photo. Ombre is the gradual shift from light to dark or from one shade to another (think of the paint chips that start dark on the bottom and go lighter as you get to the top...that's the idea of it).

  8. I'm a hairstylist too and I'm really hoping ombre goes away soon too. As for the photo...all I can say is I'm happy she was able to get that fixed. And a resounding hell yes to your tips!

  9. This EXACT thing happened to me too. I looked super trashy when I left, with black on top and a distinct line going to platinum ends. As bad as the line was, the black was the worst part since my hair is a dark blonde naturally. It was horrible. I ended up cutting off all of my hair :(

    1. Color Oops gets rid of dark dye. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  10. I have always coloured my own hair and my stylist knew this. Never tried to talk me into letting her do it. She said, you do it well, I see no reason to break that trend. Then I wanted to try a two tone variation and thought it would be a cleaner line if she did it. We talked about it for about 2-3 months. I wanted a dark red on the bottom and a chocolate brown on top. The brown came out beautifully. The "red" however, didn't stick the first time. So we did it again....and it was pink. Not just a light pale pink...but PINK. Like the would be hair stylist in Grease. Just goes to show, even with knowledge (heck I brought her the boxes from my last two dyes jobs!), colour is finicky. But yes, I still go to her and yes, she is still awesome.

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  12. I've had my share of bad hairstyles before, so I know how Hannah felt after this mishap. It really shows the importance of finding a good stylist. Glad that she got it fixed though. :) And thanks for sharing tips on how to find a good hairdresser and convey what style we want to them.



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