Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday Beachy Waves Round Up

Like Marquette yesterday I was thinking back on some of our more popular submissions and thought of this one. This type of pin also makes me think of summer because many times these pins are going for a "beachy waves" type of look and I am off to the beach later this week!! So I thought I would round them all up for you, and show you a few of my favorites! Be sure to go back through some of these and try out my tips and tricks to make this a Pin Win and not a Pinstrosity! Happy Thursday all!
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  1. My mom used to do those rag curls on me all the time (worked great btw) but with wet hair. One time I guess the only t-shirt she had to cut up was red. I had pink hair for a week! So if you try that one keep it to white rags :)

  2. I have actually done the bobby pins and it works for me. I don't brush through it...just finger through once and use a little hair've got to not brush!

  3. Like what was said above, you have to FINGER through it. Not brush or pick or comb. Remember, it does get BIG even as you finger through it but relaxes through the day. I followed the Love Meagan website tutorial to a T and it worked beautifully. I had beachy waves even with my stick-straight super fine hair.

  4. The trick of pincurls is that they go super fluffy when you first brush them, then you use your brush against your hand to define individual curls and waves. Seriously, you have to keep going and eventually your hair behaves. Vintage styling tutorials are a really great resource for advice about rag and pin curling as well as styling.


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