Friday, June 13, 2014

Elusive Rainbows

We would all love to be the one to finally find the end of the rainbow and snatch up that pot of gold. Although if any of us ever did actually find it, it would probably shift and move while we were taking a selfie to show all our facebook friends how cool and lucky we are. And then off in the distance we'd here a small cackle, and floating on the breeze we'd hear "You'll never get me lucky charms!"

Today I have 3 Pinstrosities for your viewing pleasure of people who tried to capture the rainbow and missed.

Original Pin #1
Sam said, "So this was my birthday cake this year, made by my flatmate. As you can see it didn’t quite go to plan – we live in North QLD where it’s very hot and icing doesn’t cope too well! It still tasted delicious and we had such a good laugh over it, it turned out to be my most favourite birthday cake ever!"

Pinstrosity #1

No pot of gold here! Icing and heat definitely do not mix well. Warm cakes, warm rooms, warm plates...warmth is just not icing's friend. 

Original Pin #2

Aren't those awesome?! I love the whipped cream clouds. Kailey (who happens to be one of my beautiful and awesome cousins) sent in her rainbow waffle:
Pinstrosity #2

Maybe this is what it looks like from inside the rainbow? Good thing waffles are still yummy anyway! If you're going just for colorful waffles, this works great! If you want the rainbow effect though you'll need to carefully (but quickly) pour the batter on the waffle iron in thin concentric circles, starting at the middle and working your way out. 

Original Pin #3 (this artist promotes her work as the original crayon art, the art that started this whole craze...that's kinda cool!)
We've seen this one here before, and I'm sure we'll see it again. This rainbow can be elusive! It was for Kim. She said "I followed the instructions [of the pin] perfectly. I hot glued the crayons down, Melted them. Tip the canvas and what I got was the ugliest colors imaginable. With the flower pot inspired one; nothing about the melted wax looks "stem-like" like the picture!":

Pinstrosity #3

As the original pin is a link to an etsy shop, I am assuming the instructions were written as a Pinterest caption instead. Having tried the crayon art myself I can say it isn't as easy as it looks. You do want to have the canvas tipped while heating up the crayons rather than melting the crayons and then tipping. Tipping after melting allows the waxes of the crayons to combine in a pool and the colors to mix weird while melting, resulting in color sadness when you tip the canvas. Keep the canvas tipped upright while melting the crayons so the wax can run down as soon as it's melted. There will still be some mixing, but not nearly as bad. 

Submitting a Pinstrosity rainbow may not have been the pot of gold Sam, Kailey, and Kim didn't were looking for, but these made me smile. Perhaps this is what is on the other side of the rainbow? 


  1. You can see on the original crayon art that the colours are organised as a gradient, so similar colours are together. This way when they pool together it's not as noticeable. I think this might be the secret than trying to do individual colours as stripes.

  2. I like the idea of rainbow waffles. I'd eat anything rainbow-colored, to be honest. I wonder how pancakes would come out?

  3. I've done the cake with great success, (October birthday no heat here). It's a pain but it works. We also did the crayons also with a few detours. Needs a heat gun, tipped surface, crayola(only) crayons and patience.

  4. I think you're supposed to arrange the crayons from the same range of colours next to each other for that to work, also from the look of it, I reckon using hair dryer on low speed, high heat would work great too.

  5. For pin #1 I would cool between layering and frosting the entire cake. This gives the cake a chance to settle and stabilize.

    For pin #3 I think arranging the crayons into like colors (as the original pin did) will help prevent color mixing. Putting crayons in a random order will result in some awful colors, especially if the two surrounding colors don't mix well. If you want a more random mix of colors try putting 2 or 3 of each color together for a better chance at the individual colors coming out. ***Note I've never tried crayon art, these are just my thoughts and I could be wrong!***


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