Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Unruly Flag Cake

The 4th of July may be one of my favorites holidays. Okay, holidays are just my favorite holidays. But I do love Independence Day. Parades, fireworks, the National Anthem, family, and food. What a day! A growing trend is to make flag cakes. You saw the repost of a previous Pinstrosity featuring a flag cake. Today, we have another flag cake submission for you. This is the pin Sam followed:

The Original Pin

Sam said, "It looked simple enough (specifically the fact that they used box cakes) so I thought I'd try
it out.  The first problem came when the air conditioning at their house went out (and it was around 100 degrees that day) so the cakes never really cooled. My second problem was that I didn't level the cakes.  I figured they came out of the pan level but I think I was wrong."

The Pinstrosity

"The good news was that the cake was still good.  Everyone kept eating it so I'll take that as a minor success. I'm not giving up on this cake.  I've decided I'm going to make it for every 4th of July and take pictures to document my progress. I imagine I'll get close to the picture by 2018."

I hope she'll send us updates through the years!

Bahaha, I love that Sam sent this to us. Tickles my funny bone. This definitely does take some patience, a cooler kitchen, and level cakes. I haven't attempted a flag cake yet, but I imagine if I did I'd be lucky if mine looked half as good as Sam's. My first few attempts may possibly end up with me just grabbing fist-fulls and molding them into cake balls. That's my go to for unruly cakes. 

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  1. If your cakes aren't cooling on their own, try putting them in the freezer. (Just let the pans cool enough so you you can touch them without burning yourself first.) It also makes it easier to cut the flag shapes out later since frozen cake isn't as crumbly--just put it in the fridge or on the counter to thaw before serving and it'll still taste fine. Also, I'd recommend buying or making some cake leveling strips. They're insulated fabric strips you wrap around the outside of a pan before putting it in the oven. No idea how they work but they make the cake come out of the oven almost completely level. They cost about $9-10 on Amazon or you can just use damp strips of rags held in place with safety pins.


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