Friday, June 20, 2014

Burnt Mason Jars

Mason Jars still seem to be a huge rage. I thought it would have died out by now but it hasn't. Our Walmart even carries mason jars in the crafting section now. Weird.

If you haven't guessed, today I have a mason jar Pinstrosity for you, and we've had 2 submission for it!

The Original Pin

Don't want to buy glass spray? DoodleCraft has a cheap and easy way to make tinted glass jars. Easy at least until your oven decides to turn on you...again.

The Pinstrosities
Samantha explains the above picture: "So, I decided to try tinting some of my old mason jars for a friends birthday. BIG MISTAKE. My mom and I took four old jars, coated the inside with modge podge mixed with food coloring like the link told us to. The whole time we were thinking "This is so cute and beautiful!". Once the jars had become fully covered in the mixture, we put them upside down on the wax paper for five minutes. Next we placed them upside down in the oven which was at 400 degrees just like the directions specified. Seven minutes into the thirty minutes needed for them to bake, my mom noticed that the blue of one of the mason jars was already beginning to lose its coloring. All of the paint that had dripped out was also bubbling! Then with seven minutes left I checked on them once again, the kitchen was somewhat hazy and there was still color on the jars. The timer went off and surely enough when we opened the oven door, ALL four mason jars were a blackish brown color (the pictures show all). Needless to say my friend is NOT getting those jars. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, I keep going back to the directions to see if I may have over looked something but every time I do, I can't seem to find how it went horribly wrong. We probably won't try this again. "

Caitlyn tells her adventure like this: "My roommate and I thought it would be cute to make tinted glass vases for some flowers we had just gotten from the dollar tree. We used food coloring and Elmer's glue to make a pretty aquamarine color and colored the whole inside of the vases, and then put the vases upside down on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. We started becoming concerned when, 7 minutes in we started to hear popping sounds coming from the oven, and then started to smell what seemed like melted plastic. We checked the oven, and even though the glue seemed a little bubbly, we kept going. Eventually, the burning smell became overwhelming, and after the 30 minutes were up, we pulled out the distorted, burnt messes that were our vases. We thought that that was bad enough, but then we started peeling the aluminum foil back from the tops, and released what had to have been the worst smell of my entire life. Maybe if someone had baked vomit, that would have been comparable? They are currently sitting outside because they gave one of us a nosebleed."

Definitely not what Ryan Gosling had in mind up there.

I went back through the blog post and didn't see any red flags that stuck out to me, so then I went through the comments to see if others had encountered similar misadventures and I found Tracy. She said, "IMPORTANT ADVICE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THIS PROJECT IN THE PAST OR ARE PLANNING TO DO IT IN THE FUTURE: After experimenting with this about six times, I have found that instead of wax paper (as described in the directions), you need to use PARCHMENT PAPER. Also, 30 minutes at 400 degrees IS WAY TOO LONG to bake these. 4 minutes @ 400 degrees is plenty. Also, don't overlap your edges when painting on the Mod Podge - this creates thick seams and bubbles - just nice, light coats next to each other. Good luck! After I made these changes, they turned out beautifully."

I love helpful comments! Thank you Tracy!


  1. Maybe 's a typo and instead of '30 minutes' the original instructions meant '3 minutes'.

  2. Wow in its own way those are neat though. I've done the tinting with mod podge and food coloring and it came out fine though then I was left with a tinted jar and no clue what to do with it since I've been told mod podge is flammable and have read that you can't use water in them once you do that so I've got a few tinted jars just on shelves LOL

  3. I don't think tinting w/ mod podge or glue works well at all. I've tried it and glass paint and it's super hard to get an even coat that doesn't have streaks in it from the brush or sponge or paper towel or whatever you use to paint it on. Also, I waited till the medium was completely dry before baking in the oven. I had better luck with glass paint but it took several coats to tint the glass.


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