Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snapshots of Pinterest Success

Pinterest is used by some as inspiration for photo ideas. Pinterest is full of ideas for creative vacation photos, funny Christmas card ideas, cute pictures for your kiddos, and outfit ideas for family portraits. There are many professional photographers, hobbyist photographers, and everyday "snapshotters" that use ideas they found on Pinterest. Today I thought I'd share with you the 5 Pin Win and Pin Spin submission we have in our inbox from various people with their success stories.  

Original Pin #1
This photo is linked and reposted all over the internet and has been replicated over and over again. 
Sherri Butler Photography sent in this Photography Pin Spin. She said, "I am often asked to replicate images people have seen on Pintrest and I try to do my best – especially when it is really cute and I have the materials. The [above] pin was shown to me. Now you wouldn’t think this would be difficult. However, babies never want to be agreeable to specifics! No matter how many times Mom and Dad tried to get the baby to put her feet down inside the heels, she refused and pulled her legs upwards. I had a great chuckle and Mom and Dad were good sports. We went for something else and just let her sit and play with the shoes (they were brand new). I love the final result.  Go with the flow J

Pin Spin #1
You definitely have to be willing to improvise and go with the flow when photographing children, but that is what makes a child's portraits so fun and special. You can't help but capture a peek of their personality.

Original Pin #2
Kaila sent in her Pin Win from a wedding she shot. "I have always loved photography and I recently had the chance to photograph one of my friends weddings! Of course she had some ideas she found on pinterest and so did I! This photo was one of our favorites and I was determined to get it right! I think it turned out ALMOST close to what the pin showed :) PIN WIN!"

Pin Win #2

Oh I love weddings. Love love love them. They just make me happy.

Original Pin #3
Merissa saw our post about babies who really hated being  put in pumpkins for photos and had to send in her chunky cherub who has no problem with pumpkins.

Pin Win #3

Original Pin #4

Jolene found the pin above and knew it was perfect for her new nephew. "My nephew was born on 12/11/12 and was the best Christmas gift this year! I wanted to do some cute newborn pictures of him so I thought I'd try out one of these pictures with infants inside stockings. Well, I think the photo speaks for itself. It came out great!"

Pin Win #4

That first Christmas is just special. Jolene's photo turned out much better than the one we've seen before here on Pinstrosity!

Original Pin #5

Erin decided to get some festive photos of her dog with the idea above as inspiration. "I think it turned out pretty well. I did have to fix a large scar on our dog’s nose and clean up some of the snow. Kahlua was very patient."

Pin Win #5

What I said above for photographing children applies here to pets as well. You definitely have to be willing to improvise and go with the flow when photographing animals, but that is what makes a pet portrait so fun and special. You can't help but capture a peek of their personality.


  1. I am getting married this summer....I should take a look at some photo ideas.

  2. umm coming from a professional photographer, a lot of these are not "pin wins" Bottomline if you want good, creative photos hire someone who knows what they are doing!

    1. A lot of people don't have the money to do that, and if they are happy with their own results, then all's well that ends well, right?

    2. One of the lovely things about Pinterest and Photography is that what is a fail to one person is a win for another. Our family album is full of photos that aren't high nd photographer worth, but they capturd the moment and we love them...even if they would be counted as Pinstrosities in some people's books.

  3. I love the one of the baby playing with the shoes more than the one of baby in the shoes. It turned out soo cute!

  4. Love how they got the dog to do that (looks like a Chesapeake). Working with animals can be so hard! I doubt I could get my old dog to sit so nicely :)


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