Thursday, June 26, 2014

Well That's Just Ducky

I have so many friends and family members due with babies in the next 6-7 months, it's crazy. I can't wait for the baby showers to start. I love the food, the socializing, seeing the fun gifts, and some of the games (not the clothespin game, or the guess the melted candybar in the diaper game!). I like baby showers even more now that I have Darrow. Parties are just fun!

One thing that really tickles me with baby showers is seeing how the themed baby showers are put together, and how they incorporate the theme into food, decorations and games. There are some really creative ideas out there!

One theme that is gaining popularity, especially if the sex of the baby is unknown, is a Rubber Ducky party. It's such a cute baby theme while still being fun and versatile. One creative lady found a way to carry the Rubber Ducky theme all the way to the punch she served.

The Original Pin

If you've been with us for about 2 years, or if you've gone back through our old posts at all, you may be thinking that this looks familiar. 2 years ago Diana sent in how her punch turned out when she tried to make this:

Today, for Throwback Thursday, I have two more submissions of punches inspired by this same pin. 

Stephanie made this punch for her cousin's baby shower. "Unfortunately, I failed to read the directions carefully. It calls for white grape juice....I bought regular grape juice.  It calls for lemon sherbet....I couldn't find any, so figured orange sherbet would do just the same........"

Pinstrosity #1
She said, "my family affectionately nicknamed it the "pondscum punch".  Woops." It makes me think of some of the "Where's My Water" levels (anyone else play that game? I'll admit to it!). 

Stefane (it crack's me up that our two submitters today have the same name, what a funny coincidence!) told us this story: "I found your page through a link at Epbot (Jen is awesome!) and have been looking through your blog.  When I found the rubber ducky punch pinstrosity (, I had to share my own tale."

"My sister absolutely loves rubber duckies, so it was easy for me to start planning her baby shower even before she found out the sex of the baby (it was a boy, born in July!), I found this punch and deemed it perfect for the shower.  In the days before the shower we tested out all (and I mean dozens!) of her rubber duckies to find the ones that would properly float and I washed the ones we selected.  I did my shopping, had all of the ingredients in a cooler at the shower site, and the last thing I did before people started arriving was to mix the punch up.  I had bought a blue packet of kool-aid, but apparently kool-aid in a blue packet is still red (tropical punch)...and there was nothing we could do at that point, so we plopped the duckies in anyways!  Luckily my sister found it funny- she started calling it a ducky blood bath!"

Pinstrosity #2

"I have since done some research and found that blue packets of kool-aid are difficult to fine nowadays...but I did find that tropical punch kool-aid (the flavor I used) is actually blue in the juice boxes, just not in the mix!  Everyone still said that it tasted great, but I mourned the loss of my beautiful ducky bathtub punch for awhile, lol!"

Finding the right ingredients for this is key. You definitely need the white grape juice, the blue kool aid (or any blue beverage mix...just as long as it's blue), and either pineapple or lemon sherbet. When it comes to making your punch blue, the original post the author added in this note: "Blue Kool Aid – Look for Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade or Berry Blue flavors. Many people are having a problem finding blue Kool-Aid.  A reader used berry blue typhoon Hawaiian Punch, ginger ale white grape juice and sherbert… and NO SUGAR! (the Hawaiian Punch is sweetened so no more sugar is needed)". 

Some people also have had trouble getting their ducks to float. The author suggests buying bathtime rubber duck toys from the baby department. 

These may not have fit the baby shower themes just like they wanted them too, but I'm sure they put smiles on faces, and that they tasted great. Not a total loss! 

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