Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hairy Situations

Another day, another Pin with no instructions! Here is today's Hairy Situation!

The Original
I found the link on Pinterest (1st link), and then it took me to a blog that no longer exists :( But there is the link to that as well, a Google Image search didn't bring up anything either, if anyone has a better link for this please let us know! Thanks!
Now first off, this girl looks like she has pretty thick hair. She used paper towel pieces, and her hair may or may not have been wet. That is one of the problems with "Pinterest Tutorials" they often don't give enough directions and just assume that everyone knows what they need to do. Wrong.
Here is our Pinstrosity from Jessica.
The Pinstrosity
So here is our first problem, it looks like Jessica's hair is much thinner than the original. Also, it looks that she wound it on the paper towel too tight, creating ringlets as oppossed to waves. Due to the fact that this pin has zero instructions, that is definitely not her fault. I would like to go on record as saying that the original finished look is almost certainly touched up with a curling iron. She definitely didn't get that look from taking out the paper towels and shaking her head like a Bay Watch girl, I can tell you that right now. Jessica wasn't very happy with the results, and so she brushed it out before washing it...the chaos continues.

Hello 1975!!! I love the fro, if she is looking for a awesome easy way for a Halloween costume fro, she has got the look perfect right here!
Tips and Tricks:
-Not everyone's hair is going to work using this, just like our Crummy Curls Post here:
**We had a TON of comments that ended up one of two ways for Crummy Curls, "This totally works for me, I do it all the time!", and "This was a bust! My hair didn't curl at ALL!" . So please keep that in mind when trying this. Everyone's hair is different, some don't curl at all, some curls too much, some only with heat, some don't do heat. Please keep that in mind!**
-I would try this with damp hair, not sopping wet, but no dry patches, it will probably help the hair to dry in a curl formation.
-I would run a Silver Dollar size amount of mouse through your hair before hand, a little product can sometimes help calm frizzies, and help the curl stay in better.
-When wrapping it around the paper towel, don't wrap it to tight or it will ringlet, just tight enough to stay put, but not tight enough where you feel it pulling your hair like when it's stuck in a hair tie.
-Jessica slept on hers, you can do that, it might not be as "clean" when you take it out, but it won't hurt it to much.
-After you have taken it out, use your finger and twist each piece in the direction it is curling, this should help it keep the curl, and if it is still a little damp give it a chance to dry, or GENTLY on LOW HEAT  and LOW SPEED blow dry it if you are in a hurry.
-As with most things, you will probably need to touch it up with a curling iron here and there, no shame in that, and honestly that is how it will be with most things like this.
Let us know how it goes for you guys! I need to get my hair guinea pig in here (Camille) and try it out, Marquette's and my hair is WAY to short to try this out, but we love your feedback! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Funny you should mention the 1970's I used to curl my hair in the 70's with the same technique and fabric strips.

  2. That second picture was so awesome. I hardly ever laugh out loud at things on blogs, but this got a huge laugh out of me. I've had a long, hard day, it was much needed. Thanks!

  3. Looks like rag curls I did once (using strips of cloth instead of papertowels). Your hair type most definitely makes a difference. I don't remember if mine worked out or not, but I remember it was fun to try.

  4. One thing you need to know: twisting the piece of hair before winding it on the paper will give waves, winding it up untwisted will give curls. Thick pieces of hair will always give waves (witness how few papers are in the original post), diligent peole who work thin strands will end up with curls.

    The cut is everything: If your top layers are too long, they will create enormous bulk, will separate themselves from the other hair and will give and no nice overall shape.

    I've had my curling woes as well, and during my lifetime my hair went from silky and lank to steel-wool, wavy and coarse (my grey hair is curly, the brown is not). Curls are always a lottery, hairdressers use enormous amounts of product to keep control so your head feels like a fly strip if you have your hairdresser give you a water wave for a wedding or something. Hate it!

  5. LOL Hello 1975!!! This made me laugh LOL

  6. Just one more point, the thinner the locks in the twist, the tighter the curl. I have very wavey, coarse hair and used to do perms (hello '80's!) which made my hair look like a giant brillo pad! Even just using sponge curlers did this. For gentler waves, if you have thick, coarse and/or wavey hair, make the locks you wind a bit wider/thicker. Also, I'd suggest a mousse or gel that helps hair curl altho', be warned, if you have seriously straight hair this probably won't work. My sister's hair is as thick as mine, but baby fine and straight. Won't hold a curl above 5 minutes so I doubt it will work for anyone else with fine, straight hair.

  7. So this is me! And I have the thinnest lamest hair on the planet. I used about 15 pieces and knew it probably wouldn't turn out but hey I got bored. I still laugh out loud every time I see the picture. I'm glad I could give you all a laugh. :)

    1. LOVED it!!! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  8. My mom used to do something similar using a torn up tshirt and I have done it on my daughters hair..she just hates having curls and I wish I did have some curls.

  9. haha.. .I remember my mom doing this with old pieces of sheets or whatever.. it didn't look anything like the orignial pin.. more like the pinstrosity! LOL..thanks for the smile!!

  10. Rag curls! I did that with my (waist length) hair once and it turned out great! I have a picture somewhere.

  11. Definitely an old method, using strips of fabric. It works on my hair, but my hair doesn't hold a curl for longer than a half an hour without TONS of product, so it's not a fix for me. I have relatively thick hair.

    Big pieces of hair in each strip, do it when wet, let it dry that way (I slept on it). Mousse would be good before, or hairspray after, but some people's hair will just never stay curled without a lot more attention than this. The twist before curling that another poster mentioned can tame the curls, too.

    Curling your hair when it's naturally not curly is always going to be a battle in some way...

  12. This is my sister Jessica (with the fro) I nearly peed myself when I got that very same picture message on my phone! LOL!! I love you Sissica!! <3 Rachelmae

  13. Curls do NOT stay in my hair! Curling irons are useless to me...So I tried "rag curls." I cut up a cotton t-shirt in strips and use them to curl my hair and sleep on it. I've found I can get different kinds of curls based on how wet my hair is or how big of a curl I make. I don't have to touch anything up and my hair totally holds the curl! (As I said, my hair doesn't hold a curl from a curling iron so even the rag curls tend to start falling out as the day wears on, but they still always look great, with going more towards a wave look.) I recommend trying strips of cotton instead of paper towels.

  14. I did twisties in my three daughters' hair once -- the kind of curl where you twist the hair up until it twists back on itself and leave it overnight, then secure them with soft hair bands. It worked pretty well on the two older girls, but my youngest (who was 3 or 4 at the time and has VERY thin, whispy white-blonde hair) ended up looking like she'd stuck her finger in a socket. Funniest thing I've ever seen on my girls' head!

  15. Lol. I love it. I mean I know that wasn't what she was going for but I'd love the for myself. Lol

  16. Im dying!!! HAHA!!! The crazy thing is that I saw this pin last week and I KNEW it was going to end up here. Just glad it wasnt me :D

  17. I tried this with the same result! I have thick, coarse hair and it turned out awful! I tried it using slightly damp hair and ended up looking like I had stuck my finger in a light socket! Good for laughs not for public!


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