Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Heat Curls...Will We Ever Learn?!

It's Tuesday!! Look alive people! The week has just started!
With that being said its that time of year again, school time! School has just started (or is about to start) for everyone and that means that all inevitable morning rush. Now all you in the working world know what I am talking about, that rush that have you have due to sleeping in just 5 minutes longer everyday that will either make you or break you. It either gives you that boost you need to get through the morning or you are just completely thrown off and now your day has gone to heck in a hand basket!
Never fear though! Pinterest has all sorts of quick hair fixes for us ladies.
The most popular as of recently is the No Heat Curls using a headband and a good nights sleep. Lets see how this turned out for Cristin.
The Original
We have featured this type of pin before and the results are just all over the place!! Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes its a disaster!!
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Here we have a Pinner with naturally curly/wavy hair  that I thought had an interesting experience with this pin. Check it out!
The Curly Haired Pinvestigation

I just want to point out a few things here, she did a really great job twisting her hair around the headband!! I even have a hard time doing that on myself because its hard to reach the back of your head! So she did awesome with that!
 Cristin said that maybe this pin worked a little too well for her wavy/curly hair. I will add that once she used her fingers to brush it out a little and she pinned it half pinned up I think it looks quite lovely! She said her hair is just WAY too thick to leave it all down, and I can see that in her picture...
 She said it was a bit more poofy than she cared for at that point however I think a little smoothing serum would do the trick. I would recommend Paul Mitchell's Super skinny serum, or Bed Head's Dumb Blonde ( I have worked with these products for a while and I love them both, and no we aren't sponsored by them I just really believe in the product!).
Cristin's main reason for trying this pin is to try and style her curly/ wavy hair without using a lot of product, so my suggesting those products might defeat the purpose, but my next tip might work for you curly haired gals who aren't big fans of product. Try using a dryer sheet, running it through to your ends, this should help control he frizz and will give you an added super fresh sent ;) 
Alright curly haired gals (and guys?) what are your tips to help each other out. I have curl but my hair is so short that I don't do much with it...Do you have any tried an true methods to help each other out?! Leave your comments and suggestions below! We love to hear your feedback!!!


  1. I'm thinking too that maybe she should have done each section a little thicker?

  2. My hair imply refuses to curl or straighten (it's wavy), heat or no heat. It doesn't allow bobby pins as well. I usually hate it, but while people struggle with choosing and creating hairstyles for the day, I have no choice but to go with whatever my hair wants. Accept your hair, folks. Have a good wig ready if you don't like it. Your life will be a lot easier.

  3. when I was a girl, foam curlers did the trick: lasted all day, with some remnant wave the next. Now, even though I have a little natural wave, I have had NO success with keep large (beach wave) curls in my hair! I have the 2" curling iron, I have heat set...(the kind hairdressers use for prom)...I've tried gel....
    this is cute, but I bet it goes with the bun curl technique...cute for about 5 minutes, then gone.

  4. I have very thick, multi-textured curls, and my no-fail styling trick is almost entirely my stylist. She's a Ouidad Certified Stylist, and the technique that she uses is amazing. It takes away the pouf-factor and helps my unruly spirals play well with others. The Ouidad styling method (Rake&Shake) plus a little selective twirling is super easy, takes me 2 minutes, and looks great for about 2 days (before I soak it through, and start again). If you're in Nashville, TN, I HIGHLY recommend getting a cut by Krista at Haute Salon in Hillsboro Village. She seriously saved my hair.

  5. I have no curl aside from whatever madness occurs when there's moisture. I did this often with my hair and loved it! I did put a tiny bit of mousse on my hair to help calm the frizz down but I liked the outcome for something that really didn't have much effort involved. I used bobby pins to hold some places in that would come out with sleep. Sometimes I would even neatly wrap it and wear as-is with a cute colored hair band. I think the trick is not to twist too tight if you don't have curly hair. My twists were kind of in the middle.

  6. I always just french braid my hair before bed (I shower at night and leave it wet), it makes a nice consistent wave and I just run my fingers through it on the way to work.

  7. I tried several of these and ended up looking like Bozo the clown. It brought back memories of my sister pin curling my hair and making Princess Leia buns on my head when I was little. She is my older sister and mean. Okay not really but she is my sister and what are sisters for but to torture?

  8. I have very thick, very long (42" last count!) hair. This is my hair after a night of partying 1790's style and some on how I got my hair to curl: http://isabelladangelo.blogspot.com/2013/08/more-on-coral-striped-regency-dress-and.html

    It takes patience. Wash your hair right after dinner the night before you need your hair to be curly. Wait until your hair is just damp (when you would be okay with going out in public and it being that wet) and start putting the soft curlers in. Hair spray as you put in each curler. Once you are done putting in all the curlers, hair spray again. Wait about a half hour before going to bed. In the morning, do exactly as I say in my blog - wait around. Eat breakfast. Clean your house - anything you need to get done around the home, do it. Then take the curlers out with even more hairspray.

    My hair refused to take a curl for years. Even professional braiders had issues with my hair as the braid would fall out after a couple of hours. I had to learn that my hair simply needed time and it would do what I wanted if I waited.

  9. Its all about how tight your do the twist if its to tight it will go poof but I have had this work many times

  10. I was thinking of trying it on my wavy hair hair.......only if my hand has that much of patience.

  11. i tried this awhile ago and it looked awful.... what has been working great for me is using flexi rods. put them in after a night shower, go to sleep, wake up to dry hair (i am too impatient to do this during the day, i take them out before it's completely dry) and great curls. love them

  12. I swing dance and a lot of fellow dancers have re- discovered the usefulness of pincurls like these:http://www.vixen-vintage.com/2012/12/vintage-beauty-how-to-do-pin-curls.html. I have naturally wavy hair with ringlets that is currently chin length and I found that putting my hair in pin curls ( with curl enhancing foam) and letting it dry overnight gave nice volume and curls. Otherwise I find that washing it, putting some curl enhancing product and holding my head upside down while blow drying works well. An interesting resource for those struggling with their curls is http://www.naturallycurly.com/

  13. My hair is strange. As a baby my hair was curly. As a kid it was stick straight. By middle school it was close to the way it is now, but frizzy, and now it's just plain wavy. I've learned the best thing to do with my hair is after I shower, put it in a t-shirt (this is less damaging then a towel), comb it out with a wide tooth comb (also less damaging), put in some cheapo mousse, then LEAVE IT ALONE. It doesn't dry if I tie it up or pin it in curlers or whatever. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Most of the time I look pretty good. Rarely I look like I went to the salon (rarely as in it happened ONCE).

    Everyone's hair is completely different, and your hair changes with the products you use, the treatments (dye, chemical straightener, etc.) done to it, your age and your environment. So don't take ANY pin as literal. It will be different, and sometimes a little heat, product, and hairspray work. Other times it's best to wear a hat



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