Friday, August 9, 2013

I'll Just Check my Twitter Really Quick...

Insert Facebook, email, Pinterest, or any social media for Twitter in the title and I'm sure you know where this is going. Is there really a "real quick". Not so much. This works out okay sometimes...but when you login to pass the time while your food is cooking, it rarely works out well. Speaking of which...I better go check my No-Flip-Oven-Pancake. Be right back. 

Om nom nom. Good stuff. Aren't you glad you can just read that pause really fast and you didn't have to wait and watch me run off in my ever so attractive yoga capris (I've never been one to look cute in yoga pants...especially now at 6 months pregnant) and wait for me to come back with my plate? I know you're grateful. 10 points to blogland! 


Today's Pinstrosity is brought to you by the line, "I'll just check [insert social media of choice here] really quick." This is something I've totally done before and I know there are others out there who have done this same thing. For those of you who have never experienced this, I'll go over the steps of how Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Email/Etc. can "cause" a Pinstrosity. 

Step 1
Find awesome pin on Pinterest:
Step 2:
Spend 2 hours on Pinterest looking for things to put your edible glitter on so that you have an "excuse" to make edible glitter. 

Step 3:
Decide that edible glitter is awesome enough by itself and it doesn't need anything to go with it's fabulousness.

Step 4:
Gather supplies (praying you have what you need so you don't have to go to the store or try to improvise). 

Step 5: 
Whip up the recipe, pop it in the oven. 

Step 6:
"I'll just check Facebook while I'm waiting." 

Step 7:
Smell burning sugar and realize you've been on Facebook too long. 

Step 8:
Fight your way through the fog of smoke coming from your oven while listening to your smoke detector singing the song of dinnertime. 

Step 9:
Pull out some substance from your oven that your sure you can build a nuclear shelter with. 

Step 10: 
Go back to Facebook and update your status to "Just burned the edible glitter. On the bright side...I can now survive a nuclear bomb with the substance I just created." 

If this doesn't sounds remotely familiar to any of you, then you can't join our club. Okay, you can still join. We always need minions. (just kidding)  But really...haven't many of us done something similar to this? 

Poor Reilly did, but she was brave and awesome and sent us in her story to share with you all. Here's how her experience went: "Well, I don't really even know why I tried this one. Quite frankly, I should've been suspicious of the recipe from the beginning; but what 16-year-old like myself doesn't want EDIBLE FREAKIN GLITTER?! So one day I was experimenting with a few Pinterest recipes and I decided to try this one. I mixed up the sugar, food coloring, and popped it in the oven. About 6 minutes later, as I was studiously checking my Twitter, I began to smell this overwhelming, sweet, burning smell. I glanced up only to find my entire kitchen engulfed in flames. I removed the previously sugar substance from the oven, which had by this point turned into a goopy, black tar-like substance."
 "After it cooled I tried to throw it away and it had hardened into what was now like a giant piece of burnt sugar bark. It was the most foul smelling and looking creation ever to come out of my oven, and it was a complete Pinstrosity." 

Poor Reilly and her edible glitter/bomb shelter. With the help of social media or not, we haven't actually seen a successful story of this edible glitter pin. We did a previous post on it a while back with two pinners attempts. They ended up with colored sugar, but it definitely didn't look glittery. Has anyone successfully made edible glitter at home? If I were feeling super productive today (hey, I actually cooked me breakfast...that's a first in weeks) I'd start testing it all out. But...I'm not feeling that productive (maybe I need to reread my productivity post from last week), and we used up most of the sugar yesterday to make hummingbird food (these guys are going through a ton!!). So today you just get my wit and lack of wisdom on the matter. But seriously, if you know how to make this work let us know. Maybe we'll do a "Here's How Not To Have an Edible Glitter Pinstrosity" and feature you and your awesomeness. Let us know. 

Happy Friday everyone! The end of the week is near!!


  1. You know, the caption says it's sugar, but when I looked into that pin originally, the recipe called for salt! I'm guessing instead of edible glitter, it should say "non-toxic" or something.

  2. YouTube woman uses sugar. Salt sprinkles would technically be edible, yes, but not so much.

  3. You can't actually make glitter like the original picture without a metallic substance. At very best you will end up with sparkly coloured sugar.

  4. Thank you all-I am a Pinterest addict and my self-esteem has tanked as a result. I do best when I complete the tutorials in my mind. I am a virtual genius: in actuality, not so much.

    Thanks again for helping me laugh in recognition!

  5. I'm guessing that the picture is a stock of standard craft glitter, or else it's "borrowed" from a commercial product site. Edible glitter isn't colored sugar; it's made from gum Arabic and water, to which color and sweetener (not sugar) can be added. I haven't tried this recipe, but it seems a lot closer to the commercially available products:


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