Saturday, August 17, 2013

Show and Tell Saturday: 10 Tried and True Recipes from Pinterest

Finding recipes on Pinterest is a scary ordeal. Are these real recipes? Are they as good as the site says? Can a cooking dunce like me actually pull these off decently? I trust my cookbooks more than Pinterest, but sometimes I find recipes on Pinterest that look too good to pass up so I pin them. And then they sit there for a while until I get up the guts to try them. We often show you recipes that people (often time us) have tried from Pinterest that failed miserably...but we never show you the successes. For today's Show and Tell post I wanted to share some of the favorite recipes I've discovered on Pinterest. These are recipes that I personally have made, eaten, and highly approved of. Most of these even have the husband's stamp of approval, so that's always happy too! Need something new to put on the table or in the cookie jar? I recommend any of these! 

Cajun Chicken Stuffed with Pepper Jack and Spinach

This was so tasty and so easy to make. Cameron made us these awesome sandwiches last week and we prefer spinach over lettuce in our sandwiches, but we're not big salad people. Consequently we had leftover spinach that I didn't want to waste, and we already had chicken in the freezer, so this was a really easy and cheap meal to put together for us. The combination of the cajun seasoning with the cheese and the earthy spinach flavor was amazing. If you're not a cajun seasoning fan you can use any seasoning and it'd still taste great. 

Green Chile Pork Burritos
I'm a New Mexican, I LOVE green chile. These style of burritos have been a favorite for years, but I just got around to making them for the first time this summer (I had my sister show me how...I thought it'd be harder than it is for some reason). Try them, you'll love them. 

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

If you're a meat lover (as I am), don't let the "Vegetarian" in the title scare you away. I found this soup when we were putting on a 7 course etiquette meal for the teens at church. One of the girls is vegetarian and we tried to find food that would be yummy for everyone but still edible for her. I'd never made this before and wasn't so sure about it...but it ended up being the adults favorite course of the evening. The kids that actually tried it loved it, but some thought it looked weird and didn't want to try eating soup gracefully in front of the opposite sex. They missed out. It was amazing. It's really easy and really really really yummy. One of the male leaders got the recipe and took it home to his wife so they could make it. She commented later that he never does that, so she knew it had to be good. 

Macaroni and Cheese
This is another recipe I grew up with, but never made until this past year. My sister put it up on the family recipe exchange blog and I decided to finally make it and it's been a favorite around here. 

Hot Cocoa Cookies

These are really excellent when they're hot or warm, but pretty average when cold. Nuking them in the microwave for a few seconds works to warm these back up in a jiffy. 

Cream Cheese Filled Snickerdoodles
These cookies are slightly labor intensive to make, but they are soooooo worth it. They may be one of my favorite cookies of all time, and the reason I gained quite a bit of weight around Halloween last year when I made them for the first time. SOOOOOOO yummy!

Spicy Zucchini Pickles
The zucchini plants in the garden are just about ready to begin harvesting this year. We already have plans to make a few jars of these pickles. When Cameron found the recipe I was pretty hesitant. They sounded weird. But it was a way to use all that zucchini, so I agreed to try it. These are so tasty and yummy and crisp! I didn't think they'd crisp up like dill pickles, but they do! These also are just refrigerator pickles, so you don't need to have a canner to make these. Just cut up the zucchini, make the brine and pour it over, and then pop them in the fridge. Yummy!

Knockoff Reese's Peanut Butter Egg
These are so yummy and get pretty close to the taste and texture of a Reese's egg. Cameron is reminded of Buckeyes when he eats them. I'm just reminded of why I love Peanut Butter. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu II
This was way yummy! Made this for a fancy dinner for my brother's date one night and it was a hit. 

Layered Ratatouille
This is a great one for this time of year with gardens in full production. It was really easy and it tasted so yummy. The husband it not normally a fan of squash/zucchini, but he really loved this. We tweaked ours to fit the ingredients we had on hand and it still tasted great. You can see that version here:

If you've never tried any of those, I recommend picking on and giving it a test run. Or picking them all and giving them all test runs. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


  1. haha I find this funny cause I totally trust pinterest recipes over my cookbooks. I've tried three recipes from cookbooks and they've all been iffy. I've tried countless recipes from pinterest and the majority have been really good! of course, most are on pages that have comments and I always do a quick read through the comments to see what people actually thought and what changes they made.

  2. When I started reading Pinterest this was one of the first recipes I pinned, because it looked so easy, even *I* couldn't mess it up:
    And it's fantastic. Although to suit my tastes I double the amount of spices. And it comes out absolutely delicious every single time.


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