Monday, August 26, 2013

Mix It Monday-Pinspirations!

Today was not fun. Today was poopy. Today was awful.
To ( kind of ) quote a funny little man I am familiar with
"Dear today, I hate your stinking guts, you make me vomit, you're scum between my toes! With NO love, Emilee"
Anyone else had that kind of day?
The day that makes you write the blog you were assigned to do at 8 at night?
The day that makes you cry in front of your co-workers?
The kind of day where your favorite sunglasses on earth break to top off EVERYTHING else that happened that day (which just puts you over the edge...again...)?
The kind of day that has you eating pizza AND a candy bar even though your on a diet?
Well if it IS indeed one of those days YOU are in the right place.
Here are a few Pinspirations to help you see that it is NOT a bad life, just a bad day.
That tomorrow is a better and brighter and funner, and more awesome day than today.
From my good friend ( I wish) Kid President...
And to leave you on a good note...
Hope this helped someone else out today!!
Hope you all had a good Monday!!


  1. Thanks so much for this ... I definitely had a bad day. The photo that encouraged me most was the one that said, "Just because something isn't happening for you right now doesn't mean that it will never happen." It's like you guys knew :) Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Sorry your day was so crappy. Enjoy this card.

  3. I like your kit for emergency sadness. I feel happy now!! :))

    Kopi Luwak

  4. Sorry you had such an awful day. Your pinspirations were lovely... for any day. Here's hoping today is better!!!

  5. That was my Monday last week. Pure awfulness. We had ice cream for dinner and it definitely helped!


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