Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paper Crafts and Observing Spaces

Occasionally (read: every other day) you look at the clock happy with your accomplishments of the day just to realize that it's 8 PM and it was your day to blog. And you haven't. Well poop.
Today is obviously one of those days. In my defense I finished a project I have had on my list for the better part of 6 weeks or so.
You will get to see it for next week's Show-and-Tell Saturday!
Well we got this fun little post by Cena that I thought was different, fun, and creative. I really like her writing too, it really brought the story to life! Check it out!
Paper Crafts
The Pinspirations
(Some of her links wouldn't load, but you get the jist!)
These were all her inspiration for a few of her fun paper creations she made for a play going on in her community, check out her versions!
The Pin-Wins!

 So Cena made all these for the local theatre she participates in and had some good reminders to share with us that might help you skip some of the troubles that she had, check it out!
"While I would classify this as a 'pin win', I DID trip and fall into several common Pinterest 'pitfalls' along the way.
I'm involved heavily in local theatre. One of the things I find myself doing time and time again is props for shows. As a creative endeavor it is FANTASTIC! It's part shopping, part treasure hunt, and part crafting adventure. It seems every show has it's own unique challenges and quirky props. I've made everything from 20 nativity Jesus ornaments out of salt dough, to a Hitler baby doll (don't ask), to fake suppositories made of white chocolate (really don't ask).
My latest foray in props centered heavily around paper. I turned to Pinterest for instructions for paper flowers and other papery inspiration. I found tons!
Now, as for my mistakes (and there were several):
Mistake #1: Underestimating the amount of time required for the craft.
I am SO guilty of this one. Unfortunately, due to the nature of plays I had a pretty strong deadline. And while I'm sure that we can all agree that deadlines can be very motivating they are also incredibly stressful and not really the best thing for creativity.  I was foolhardy enough to take on this project while I was already stage managing the show. Between work and rehearsals I had very little time to work on the props. As a consequence I ended up alone in a dark echoing theatre at 11 at night gluing bits of newspaper to a roasting pan. I'm sure there's the potential for a horror movie in there somewhere.
Mistake #2: Failing to show the proper respect for the hot glue gun.
It's a very useful tool. I love it. It has a fearsome wrath. I really don't suggest using one while wearing shorts. I now have the scar to prove it.
First there's the drip, followed by the searing burn- then you've grabbed it with your fingers. Which isn't really a terribly good idea is it? You go to rub it off and- ABORT ABORT! Do NOT rub it on this shirt, you like this shirt! So instead you end up frantically rubbing your fingers together and stretching them apart madly. A motion that might remind one of a demented crab. Respect the glue gun.
Mistake #3: Failure to think about your space.
A pin can be wonderful, beautiful, amazing, and still not work with your space . It could match nothing you own, it might have pointy bits that don't agree with small children, or in my case, it might require a ten foot ceiling. I saw the much pinned lamp with the paper lamp shade and it was perfect. Fit the paper theme, fit the line in the play "A house made of paper?",  just perfect. I made a pattern, made a bajillion tiny houses, tore a  lamp shade apart so I could use the metal hoops for a framework (very therapeutic), and hung it in the theatre with its delightfully high ceiling.  After the show was over the lamp needed a new home and I was determined to keep it. So now I hit my head on it regularly. On the plus side it is made of paper so it's considerably less traumatic than other head on collisions. "
I like your writing style Cena, very playful and yet still informative!! And all of your paper crafts turned out wonderfully!! You're theatre company is lucky to have you on hand! One thing in particular about your e-mail really spoke to me though, "Failure To Think About Space".
I think she makes a really good point here, sometimes the Pinstrosity itself isn't the craft. It's how the craft doesn't fit with anything else you have, or doesn't do what you were hoping it would in a certain space, or as a gift etc. Many a time I have bought something at a yard sale or thrift store just to bring it home and realize it really doesn't mesh and back into the secondhand kingdom it goes. Such is life, just make the best of it eh? Sometimes it doesn't work and a bow, or a new paint job will do the trick...sometimes not. I feel that that is the best lesson we see here. Not all the things we create will mesh with our space, or meet their intentions, AND THAT IS OK!!!!! And when this happens, go with the flow, it's just a craft, it's just a pin, and there will ALWAYS be more.
Breath in, breath out, relax, and move on :)
Happy (late) Wednesday!

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  1. Aaaaah, I too have done the Glue Gun Hand Dance! Thanks Cena! (I now use tweezers that I got from one of the kid's ER visits from long ago.)


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