Friday, August 30, 2013

Cracked Crayon Crafty Candle Creations

Ever come across a pin you haven't seen before and just think it's absolutely genius?! And then you think, "I have been on Pinterest for two years now and spend entirely too much time pinning and I have never seen this! Where has it been hiding? "
I found one of those today in the form of Robin's submission...check it out!
The Original
The idea of this pin is to use old broken crayons to make a candle! Of course for this you will need a jar and most of us have at least a mason jar, or baby food jar either in our home or have access to one fairly easily. Also for this you would need a wick, or like Robin you can be super inventive...check out her version!
The Pin Spin
Here Robin used her kids old broken crayons (she did this craft with the kiddos and let them pick their own colors) to make candles!
 They put the desired crumbles crayons in the jars, put them outside ( it was 109 Fahrenheit at her house that day! Yikes!), let them get slightly gooey and then inserted a birthday candle in the middle of the jar as the wick!
 She also had the genius idea of adding a crumbled scentsy bar to the candles so they would smell good! I love this! It's inexpensive and generally you will have everything you need to do this, the kids can help and there is nothing you need to worry about!
 When I originally read the pin I thought for sure they were going to use some tricky way to melt the wax and it was going to end badly but this turned out great! I love the resourcefulness and these would make cute gifts from the kids to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, friends etc. and it won't break the bank!
I know I shouldn't HAVE to say all this but I am just covering all the basis here:
-Before beginning this make sure to take the papers off the crayons
-Use a glass jar for this project
-When burning candles make sure they are out of reach of children
-Please ensure candles are never left unsupervised!
Does anyone have any GENIUS ways for this to work in the winter that won't make a HUGE mess, won't require a double broiler, ruining a kitchen pan and can still involve kids?! Sound off below! We love your feedback!
Happy Friday!


  1. A thought off the top of my head for winter is to use one of those 'reflector ovens' we all made in Girl Scouts to focus the solar heat.

  2. As far as the cold weather idea for this pin, I have melted down old jar candles to get that lil bit of extra wax out so I can reuse the jar...and I put them on a very sturdy cookie sheet, in the oven at 100-150 degrees (or the warm setting on your oven). I put the tray in the cold oven and turn up the temp to warm. I think this would work with melting the candles down, and being that they are on the tray, you would only handle the tray and not the warm glass of the jar. Take the tray out and stick the birthday candle in the middle, then put the tray back in the oven (safety) and turn off the heat, let the oven cool completely an then you can safely handle your new, cool candles.

  3. Depends on your oven ...

    When I had a newer oven, I put an unevenly melted candle in a jar in a pot with two cups of water on low.

    Now I have an older oven and can just put the unevenly melted candle in a jar on the oven when I cook.

    Same effect. :) Happy melting!

  4. Put some sort of spacer underneath the jar (something that will allow air to circulate properly) and then stand it on a radiator? It will probably take quite a while longer but over night should do the trick.

  5. How about a candle warmer? Would that work?

  6. Found this site today and thought it made a nice companion to this pin -

    Needs much more parental supervision though...

  7. If you are planning to burn the crayon candles, they will tend to be greasy and snuff out the wick when lit. I used to always add my childrens' old broken crayons to my candles, and never had good results.

    Also, I haven't had very much luck with using birthday candles as wicks. Their wicks tend to be quite smaill since they are only meant to be burned a few minutes.

  8. I save little bits of wax from my tealights and put them in a tin can, then when it's full I stick it in a pot of water on the stove and let it simmer until melted…it seemed to work well!


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