Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carrot Cake Crumble Pop

So I didn't really realize until this past Sunday that Easter is this Sunday! I can't believe how fast it has sneaked up on me. Sneaked...that just sounds so weird. Snuck sounds better, but that's not grammatically correct. : | Anyway. I guess I'm just used to Easter being in April. Oh well. I thought it was high time we get something Easter related up on the blog. don't you agree? I've got a Pinstrosity that we've been saving since July (I can't believe I almost missed the chance to post it). Behold...the Carrot Cake Pops: 

The Original Pin
Not only are they shaped like carrots, but they are made with carrot cake. MMMMmmmm. I love carrot cake. Kacie said that "everything was off to a good start, but when I shaped the carrot cake, it seemed really squishy - it fell apart when I tried to put it on the stick, so I stuck them in the fridge for a while to see if that would help. Later, following the directions of then dipping the cake on the stick into the coating, they totally fell apart. I made a huge mess and the ones that did "turn out" didn't really look too appetizing."
The Pinstrosity

We've actually seen a number of Cake Pop submissions. These things aren't as easy to make as they'd seem. 

It sounds like the main problem here was maybe the cake to frosting ratio. That can be tricky, especially as different cakes have different textures (oohhh....I wonder if you could get an angel food cake to work for these...that sounds good). A comment we received on an earlier post gives a great explanation for how she makes her cake pops work:
  • GirlNamedCorrie says, "There is definitely a fine line between too much frosting for cake pops. When I make mine, I use a box of cake mix to a half of a can of premade icing (Betty Crocker or Dunkin Hines...whichever is cheaper that week). It doesn't seem like enough icing at first, but keep mixing and suddenly you have playdough made of cake! Too much and they will slide no matter what kind of sticks you use."

    "Also, putting chocolate on the sticks before you stick them into the cake ball is a must! I use the chocolate bakers chocolate from the craft store (no need to color the chocolate myself!) and have never had issues with it. If you leave the pops in the freezer for too long, then as they heat up with the chocolate on them, you'll have a huge mess. The condensation will go right through the chocolate and make a very sad, sweaty-looking cake pops". 
One great thing about these though...they can look like poop and still taste awesome. So they may not make your party more beautiful, but they'll still make your taste buds happy.

I'm excited to go through and see what other Easter submissions we have hidden away in the archives...I know we have some more awesome Easter Pinstrosities to share with you all! Check back each day to see what we find. 


  1. That Pinstrosity wasn't so bad! I'm convinced that a lot of the fail-ness of a project has to do with photo quality!

  2. Pinstrosity, meet Grammarist.
    "Snuck is new, originating in the U.S. in the early 20th century, but it has become remarkably common across all major English varieties. People seem to like it, and it appears in even the most editorially scrupulous publications,..."

    So 'snuck' away! :o)

  3. So glad my comments could help! :) You have no idea how excited I was to see my name! I also have my own Pintrosity from this weekend that I need to submit. My goal for when I'm on the elliptical this evening.

  4. Another tip is to freeze the cake pops before dipping. Bakerella at Bakerella.com has loads of tips and tricks for making cakeballs and cake pops (that's how I started making them!).


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