Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Em here, so is anyone else into the funny cat pictures on the internet trend? I have to admit, I totally am. They. Are. Adorable.
If I am having a bad day, there is literally nothing that a little funny cat video can't fix.
My husband thinks it's weird, and I have to admit I kind of do to sometimes too. I think "Why look at virtual cats when we could just get one? Oh yeah, we live in an apartment...that's supposed to be pet free (we still have our little hedgehog Gypsy though)". Anyways, I think that sometimes when you want a pet sooooo badly you forget what a nuisance they can be. Fun! They are fun, but they can be a nuisance. If you don't believe me look up "dog shaming", or the slightly more attitude driven "cat shaming".
And then watch this video. 
 I laughed for days.
Michelle sent us this pin, which her cat loving claimed for herself.
The Original
I think everyone has seen this pin in one form or another. I actually have this in my bathroom with all my brushes in it just like the picture ( I have those fake colored gems in the vase though, I'm not much of a coffee person).
Michelle liked the idea of having this for organizational purposes and here is what she had to say about it:

"This isn't so much a Pinstrosity as it is a cautionary tale for people with pets who like to try ideas from Pinterest, but I have to share anyways.

...Yesterday, I found a container at Target that I liked and filled it with my favorite makeup brushes, eyeliners, and shadow sticks.  It looked great and I went on with my day.

That afternoon, I was cleaning my makeup brushes and our youngest cat, Abby, jumped up onto the counter.  She began smelling the brushes, picked up one of my eye shadow brushes, and took off with it.  I retrieved it and put it back.  She began meowing constantly, then jumped back onto the counter and took off with it again.  After repeating this several times I began spritzing her with water and finally got her to leave them alone.  I even left the spray bottle in front of the container to scare her off.

Before I went to bed, I found one shadow brush in the master bedroom, DOA. (attached picture)  Again, when I took it away from her she cried so much that my boyfriend came and asked what I had done to her.

This morning two more makeup brushes and a lip gloss were on the floor.

This evening those 2 brushes are MIA.  I give up.  At least they were cheap..."
The CATrosity
Now I really can't think of any way to keep your kitty out of this, but it comes as a cautionary tale for all you animal people! Critters love new and oh so available items, so try to keep them out of reach! I think we forget how resourceful they can be in the wee hours of the night and when they desperately want something.
I don't see myself having any issues with Gypsy on this topic, unless she is Superhog and specifically learned to open her cage, was tall enough to climb out, then shimmied her way up the bathroom counter and proceeded to lick all my brushes, that girl loves to lick.
Anyone have any good solutions for this?
Let us know! We love getting your help/feedback!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I've recently become a cat owner again after 13 years without one. I literally went from having a seventeen-year-old dog to having a five-month-old kitten overnight, so there has been a heck of a learning curve.

    Turns out, cats are part magpie. I bought two silver rings at a garage sale. I wore one, then put it on the windowsill in the bathroom with my glasses, etc., while I took a shower. Two days later, I wanted to wear it again but couldn't find it. Looked everywhere. Finally decided it must have gotten rolled down the drain or something and gave up. Bummer, but at least it wasn't expensive and/or sentimental.

    A week after that, I heard the kitty playing with something in the bathroom. I went in and found a large silver thimble, which I would later find out my mother had gotten out of a drawer to give to a friend, and then lost ("lost"). Looking around the bathroom a little more, I found two cat toys and my missing ring . . . stashed behind the toilet.

    Later that night, my mother took off a ring she was wearing to examine a mark on her finger, and the cat immediately swooped in and grabbed it.

    We now keep everything in drawers, at least until the kitten is older and less meddlesome.

    (I keep my toothbrush head-down in a glass jar so that she will be less tempted to chew on it.)

  2. Watch that hedgehog. We had a hamster that figured out how to get out of his cage. Poor 10 year old was up 3 times one night putting him back. I used a twisted paper clip to hold his door shut. It pissed him off.

    Our cats love pencils, pens, and generally anything smallish that rolls or skitters across the ground. Like, say, rings. Or makeup brushes. Or anything small and important I put down for 5 seconds. They have actually chewed on homework. Their favorite toys are the pelts (came wrapped around really lame brittle plastic mice, which we removed), this weird pressed catnip ball that always ends up under the furniture, and legos. Yes, legos. I have seen our cats eat legos. Chew and swallow. Anything antenna-ish is the BEST.

  3. this is why i will never own a cat. they do what they want and don't care what you say about it! ha.. dogs are easier to train :)

  4. This always used to happen with the "play makeup" my sister and I used as kids. The family cat could not resist the big fluffy powder brushes. My mom actually ended up buying another set of cheap brushes for the cat to play with in order to keep it away from her own much nicer ones. My mom didn't store hers on the counter permanently, though, so I'm not sure how effective this tactic would be.

  5. Personally, I don't even like the look of this one. I also don't think I'd want the handles of my makeup brushes smelling like coffee. I'd go with the glass stones idea. The dollar store had some that were shaped like stars. That would be cute.

  6. Put something the cat finds stinky in the jar to deter them from going near it. My cat wants to eat anything in my hand, but if I offer him anything citrus, upon sniffing at it, he immediately jumps back revolted as if I have just walloped him (not that he has ever experienced a wallop). So if I had this problem I might stick something like citrusy smelling potpourri in the jar. Depends on your cat. I love my babies, but they do what they want. My mischievous one has broken through all the different child safety locks I've tried to put on the cabinets, so even storing what he wants is sometimes an issue. In our house, the hierarchy is my husband, the girl cat, me, then the boy cat. Yes, I am not even the beta.

  7. I always thought my cat liked my makeup brush because the bristles are made of goat hair. But then once she stole my synthetic one and that theory was shot.

    All cats have different favorites, just like humans do. My cats do like the pelts as the previous commenter said. And any other small thing that will move across the floor. Their kibbles included. They're a mess, but the entertainment factor is worth it.

  8. First of all, that link to the cat-friend, dog-friend video had me laughing so hard I offended one of my two black cats (both named Max, not my fault!), who stalked off in a huff. Judging from the yowling, the other one is playing hunter cat with one of the aforementioned rattly mice.

    Second, I spend most of time on Pinterest and in stores discarding items or ideas because of my cats. Beautiful delicate table? Would go over the first time one of them landed on it. White furniture? Are you kidding? Open basket storage full of fluffy bath towels? Even if they weren't a magnet for cats looking for a place to nap, they would collect drifting cat hair like nobody's business. The first time I saw the makeup brush pin, I dismissed it out of hand. And I store my toothbrush in the cabinet.


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