Saturday, March 23, 2013

Barbie Box Photobooth

Photo booths have been all the rage for a while now. It is so fun to see all the creative booths that everyone has come up with! I've seen them at weddings, birthday parties, Halloween parties, school dances, etc. They just add some fun to the party, no matter what's going on. There's even this adorable one that was made for a little girl's 5th Birthday party:

The Original Pin
Isn't that fun? I love it. Bowen found this on Pinterest and decided to put one together for a carnival where she lives. She "tried to use a refrigerator box with pink wrapping paper." That seems like it would work...but she had some troubles. 

The Pinstrosity

"The kids still enjoyed it but compared to what I was going for....It was a total fail. Also it was pretty short so lots of the kids had to duck to get in it."

I'd say E for effort! I know it's not what Bowen dreamed of when she set to work on it, but if the kids enjoyed it, then I call it a win. 

Obviously a big key to this is finding a box big enough (not even sure what would come in a box that big), or taping (and taping and taping and taping) a few boxes together to get the size/height that you're going for. As for the paper job in the original pin...that lady is a wrapping paper genius. I can never get it that smooth, which is maybe why I started wrapping things as goofy as I could. Oh well. One thing that could help with a "wrapping" project this big is to use some spray on adhesive. That would help the paper stick to the box so you don't have to cover the thing in clear tape and it might help it to last a little longer too. There's always pink spray paint...but spray paint and I aren't really on speaking terms right now. We just don't get along. Besides, paper would cover up any creases or seams in the cardboard. I'd stick with the paper route. 


  1. I wonder if a cheap pink plastic table cloth from the Dollar Tree would work better than wrapping paper.

  2. I was thinking Dollar Store table cloth too. that would be way easier than messing with rolls of wrapping paper. I'd go with tape though, because spray adhesive and I are not on speaking terms either.

  3. I was thinking the original looks like it is the barbie box recovered and made into a photo booth for the barbies themselves. Still pretty cool.

  4. I just found your blog yesterday, and I have been completely addicted and also dying laughing. I hit on the shoe revamp just a moment ago and actual tears poured out of my eye holes.

    I love the baking fails a lot, but particularly those that include the usage of a waffle iron - so majorly badass!

    In closing, your sad mashed potato snowmen are complete failwin.

  5. Looks like the original may have used bulletin board paper. It usually comes in rolls that are 36-48" wide and much thicker and easier to handle than wrapping paper. It has a wax-type coating on one side that accounts for the shininess of some parts of the original. You can get bulletin board paper at a school supply or office supply store. If you can't find a tall enough refrigerator box, use two washer boxes stacked on top of each other and reinforced with a 1x2 piece of lumber at each corner hidden by the paper.

  6. I think part of the fail had to do with cutting. If you look at the original pin they have cut and opening in the existing box that still kept a structural edge to the box. This would be key so the box doesn't sag.
    I also think everywhere you see the Barbie head silhouette its actually a seam in the paper. I also think I see seams on the inside, so they probably wrapped it with different sizes of paper instead of actually tying to wrap it all like a big present.

  7. My sister and I made one of these over the weekend for her daughters birthday party. We used a Uhaul wardrobe box and pink wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. It turned out perfect! It actually looks like the real pic. I can see how this would be tricky if you didn't have a good box. We cut the shape into the box and left an edge, which helped it to be much sturdier. It wasn't the easiest task, but the end result was pretty darn cute!


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