Friday, March 29, 2013

The Ever Elusive Perfect Cupcake

Why is it that we as humans are generally more interested in food if it's colorful?! Look at little kids for instance, they LOVE cupcakes, but if you brought out plain white, plain chocolate, and then this bad boy,
...the kids will ALWAYS choose the rainbow ones. Quite frankly I would pick the rainbow one too! Look at it! It's awesome!!!!
Well after what happened to our reader Carrie I think she will be sticking with plain cupcakes for a while. Check it out:
No bueno. When I first saw this picture I thought I was looking at fruity pebbles...not the case.
So what happened? From what Carries tells us this was a case of the overly full cupcake liner :( We have ALL been don't want the cupcakes to sit below the top of the liner, but you also don't want over flow. How do you get the perfect amount in your liner?!
According to TLC Cupcake Wars "How to Make the Perfect Cupcake" which you can find here you shouldn't eyeball it when pouring in the batter. They suggest filling the liner between 1/2 and 1/3 full. Another idea is to do a test cupcake to make sure your whole batch doesn't turn out overly full, or not full enough.
As for rainbow cupcakes, I would suggest doing a spoonful (like your everyday average spoon) of each, ROY G. BP ( I had to accommodate for the recipe) that is 6 spoonfuls, which I think should get you just about between the 1/3 and 1/2 full point in your cupcake liner. Seeing as I don't have any cupcake mix around the house, I can't test it out...darn. :( You might even try a spoon and half for each. TLC did mention that depending on the recipe you are using your batter will expand differently. As a precaution I would stick with a trial cupcake and go from there.
Did I mention how much I love these?! These should definitely be at my next birthday bash...but they are almost to pretty to eat! Almost ;)
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I'm a pro at the rainbow cupcakes and frosting...I too overfilled the first couple of cups and I agree that a spoonful of each colour is perfect. Don't be afraid to experiment with the colour layers either.

  2. 1/3 to 1/2 ?? I fill to about 2/3 and my cupcakes turn out perfect. I however have not tried rainbow cupcakes yet...

  3. Rainbow cupcakes are looking awesome but they are not healty to eat them cuz the full of Food Coloring and this really not healty and will cuse this:

  4. Isn't Cupcake Wars on Food Network, not TLC.

    I make these a lot. About a tsp full of the batter and I make play with the arrangement, it almost ends up more tye dyed that rainbow but is still fun. I then do the same thing with the icing. Dropping the colors into the icing bag in a random pattern. The first one or two end up with fairly solid color so you can pipe that onto a plate if you want, then after that it is so pretty with all the randomness.


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