Monday, March 25, 2013

How I Used Pinterest to Plan Our Road Trip

My little sister married my husband's younger brother. Our family tree is an aspen stand...a bunch of trunks all with one large shared root system. It makes life fun and interesting. They live in Mississippi and so we decided it was high time that we go out and visit them. We started looking up places we wanted to see on our drive out there and came up with food ideas, but we had a hard time remembering them all. Enter Pinterest. I don't know why I didn't think of Pinterest from the beginning. We made a "Road Trip" board to pin all the ideas we were finding. We pinned places we wanted to see, in the car food ideas, pins to help me not pack my entire closet, and warm camping tips. After we had our big page of ideas we went through and were able to plan a route that got us to our siblings house in good time while still allowing us to see as many of the things on our Pinterest board as we could. As we narrowed the list down to what we'd actually be able to do we deleted pins from the board so that it would be easy to browse through and find what we were looking for. This made our trip planning so much easier and more efficient! We ended up being able to see a lot of what we had on our board, plus all the fun little things that you just happen on along the way. You really can use Pinterest for so much more than crafts and food! 

And because a post just isn't the same without are some shots from our trip:

Our mini-mes headed out on the road at sunrise. 

See the mini-mes? 

Sunrise in central TX

Somewhere in the middle of TX. 

Arriving in Louisiana...we don't take "normal" photos. 

Tulips in Natchitoches, LA

That's my name on a sign! I never see my name anywhere! (it's in the caption below the says "Depiction of Father Marquette bringing faith to the Indians."

Any Duck Dynasty Fans out there?

Vicksburg, MS

The U.S.S. Cairo. Civil War Ironclad 

My beautiful sister and her adorable boy (in his awesome Big Bad Wolf sweater she made him for Halloween...the eyes used to have pupils, but they came off in the wash). 

Waverly Antebellum Mansion

Some random house in Columbus, MS

Exploring the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

The Mini-mes at Elvis' birthplace...sitting on 13 year old Elvis' shoulders.

The Mississippi River in Memphis, TN

White Sands, NM

Us at White Sands, NM

Our trooper car. We love this little gem. 


  1. We love a good road trip. FYI if you have a smart phone, food network has an ap "On the road" where it will tell you if there are any restaurants near by that they have featured in one of their shows. (Unfortunately it will not tell you if the restaurant happens to share a parking lot w/ a "gentlemen's club" and an adult movie megastore-good family fun)

    1. pretty much the funniest comment I've ever read!

  2. I LOVE the mini-mes! I may have to copy that ... I even saw some recently. I just have to remeber where that was.

  3. These photos are inspiring me to get a lot wackier on our next family vacation!

  4. You went right through my neck of the desert! I was neat to see the things around me on your blog. Hope you had a blast!

  5. Fun! I've got a couple travel boards, but they're mainly just far off places I've been or dream of going.

  6. omg you drove right by my house wow. I live next to the waverly mansion. lol

    1. We LOVED that area. We sat down at the river for lunch and had a wonderful morning/afternoon there. You live in a beautiful spot!

  7. If you want to see your name on signs, you need to come to the Midwest. Marquette University is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and there are all kinds of towns/cities named Marquette up here.

  8. WOW. My husband and I lived not far from the Noxubee refuge for a few years. I have probably stood just where that photo was taken! Beautiful area, but I was more than happy to move back home to Louisiana. :D

  9. You need to come to Minneapolis! You can visit Marquette Plaza, stay at the Marquette Hotel, and stroll down Marquette Avenue. You could even open an account at Marquette Bank

  10. I love the road trip board idea!!! Seems like you should start another board of "places to visit called Marquette"... and you should definitely add Marquette, Michigan to that one!! :)

  11. Wow! I wish I'd known you were coming to Memphis! I could have treated you to the world's best BBQ! (And it's not at any of those touristy places you hear about) Looks like you had a great time!


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