Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get Your Mojo Back

Em here, so school is in full on panic mode. The semester is already half over and it's going to be crunch time soon. This last one has been one for the books! When I have a lot going on at school I tend to not feel very creative when it comes to writing for blog land and get discouraged when I feel writers block.
I suspect that this feeling comes to many of us when we are in the midst of something we usually love but feel less than creative about currently.
This is me right now.
About the blog.
I am sure you have noticed that I haven't been writing as much, and how much of a Super Woman Marquette is. I really don't know how she does it all.
 When I am writing and reading for assignments at school all the time it can be hard to find the motivation to write for fun here on the blog. School can take the pleasure out of it and I usually have someone telling me what to write about which is hard to not have here on the blog. Lately my brain has had NO idea what to write about because I have literally zero requirements given to me by someone! What a novel idea! Writing whatever you want?! It doesn't have to be on APA style?! No literary sources needed?! Shouldn't I be jumping on this opportunity?
I should!
But my brain hurts! And I am tired and want to do literally ANYTHING but write.
How do I get back my creative mojo?!
I am sure we have all been here. This can happen with anything really, cooking, crafting, doing our hair/makeup, gardening, workouts, or even blog writing.
So how do we get our Mojo back?!
How do we get out of the rut?!
One thing that can be hard is having TOO many resources. It's hard to focus on one thing, one topic, one specific task. Case in point: Pinterest.
Pinterest is a seemingly endless supply of creative ideas. But for some of us (myself included) it can be a little daunting. When I do a search on Pinterest for something in particular I tend to not find exactly what I am looking for, or I end up finding WAY too much and then I tend to get discouraged, bombarded, and overwhelmed. All of the sudden I feel the need to cook a homegrown, organic, home cooked, eight course meal that is both  pleasing to the eye, the waste line and nutritious in under thirty minutes. Anyone been there with me? It sucks.
How to fix this:
-Make your searches more refined.
Say you are looking for a garden bench. Try searching for garden bench and then try something more specific, like purple garden bench, or DIY garden furniture, or barn wood garden benches. That way you aren't overwhelmed with every garden bench under the sun staring you in the face, you just see the ones that suite your purpose.
-Be realistic.
For this I would just be more picky about how you organize your pins. Are you really going to paint your living room 15 different colors? Probably not. Does it inspire you and make you smile? Yes! Is there anything wrong with pinning things like this? No.
I would pins things like this to a Smiles board, or Creative Inspiration board, that way you have it when you need it. But for your boards with actual projects pin things to this board that you can actually see having in your home. I have the problem that when I look at my unorganized boards I  get sidetracked from what I would actually use and switch to "Man I wish didn't live in an apartment so I could all this cool stuff." This negativity dampens my creative mood and things tend to just go down from there. Perhaps I am the only one who sees things like this but I am hoping this can be helpful to someone.
For whatever it is that you are stuck on, go back to the beginning. In my case I should go back to the first few months of Pinstrosity when I would write ALL the time. I couldn't get enough! I was so excited and enthusiastic! I wanted to write about it all! This may help you see how far you have come and help you to appreciate your own work and gain some confidence.
Going back to where it all began often gives me the fresh eyes I once had that enables me to do my work now.
Often playing hooky makes me miss it. If I am having a day where I can tell I am just NOT going to get a post in that day, it makes me crave it! You always want what you can't have.
Having a hard time getting into your workouts?
Take a day or two off. You aren't going to get fat I promise. When I skip a workout lately I feel icky and sluggish. It is just that much more of a push to get my butt off the couch the next day. You don't even have to break the routine all together, go for a walk instead of weight training, go swimming instead of running. Break the routine and you may see why it's been such a drag lately.
Sometimes all we need to get out of a rut is a small change, change your music, change your color scheme your working with, instead of baking try cooking or go vegetarian for a few days, challenge yourself. I feel that quite often we get bored with things that were once our favorite activities if we aren't being challenged in someway. Find a way to take it up a notch.
Take time for yourself.
I think this is the most important. We as people are generally WAY too busy all of the time. Take a chill day, or a chill 15 minutes. Read a book, take a bath, heck take a nap! It's good for your health, it's good for your sanity and it may be just what you need to break a rut.
I know this post wasn't a Pinstrosity but maybe it can help prevent some Pinstrosities and get your creative juices flowing.
Thinking of ways to get my mojo back was a fun break from the usual for me and should do the trick in getting me back on track.
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I think the creative rut happens to everyone at some point or another.
    I do believe in "creative energy" - that magic place in the fabric of time where everything you touch is spun into gold like in the story about Rumpelstiltskin. There are times when it maddeningly eludes you and the harder you try to get it back, the more it thwarts you.
    I had bought a quilting machine set up (not the fancy longarm model - I wish!) and had it set up in my sewing room. I couldn't make the darn thing work at all, and it seemed that everything I did in that room, regardless of whether it involved that blasted machine or not, turned into scraps. Of course I began to avoid the room, which didn't help my general attitude towards creating anything outside of Hulk sized frustration, and my creative energy entered into a rut the size of a Moon crater. I eventually dismantled it and banished it from the room. With it no longer sitting against the wall, mocking me each time I entered, I felt an incredible release. I purged the room of dead disasters, cleaned it from top to bottom, swung a dead chicken over my head three times (just kidding, but I WAS considering it), and rearranged the furniture so I was working in natural sunlight hoping I could absorb any positive energy that the universe might bestow on my efforts. I also took a deep breath and just dove right back in (after the beast was slayed and relegated to a dark corner of the basement where it belongs and lives to this day).
    I've learned that some crafts simply won't cooperate in my hands which causes negative energy to build up in the room (I know, sounds all New Agey and mumbo jumbo-ey, but I swear, it exists). I will leave the room and go back in after a day and try again. Three attempts is my limit. If on the third day the wire just won't do what the book clearly shows is possible, I clean out all the scraps and thrown bits and say, "Okay, I just can't do that particular craft. It's not like I need a 458th one anyway."
    Sometimes, the best answer to a rut is to try to see how much of "you" is in the way. The determination to "make something work" can actually end up working against you. Take a break, take a breath and look at it from the angle that it's okay if it doesn't work - maybe it isn't meant to. That you can be cool with that. It means you're meant to be working on something else for the time being and it's waiting for you out there just beyond the rut.

  2. Great ideas -thanks for sharing your challenges Em. <3 you.

  3. Man...I just tried the Easter Bunny Bread / Veggie tray and it was an epic fail! How do I get you my pinstrosity? Dying laughing!!

  4. You may have felt like you had nothing to write about, but I thoroughly enjoyed that post and found it very useful. Thank you!


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