Friday, March 1, 2013

Waffle Iron Brownies

Who doesn't love a good brownie?! I LOVE brownies. Is anyone starting to notice that I love just about everything? It's a blessing and a curse...
Well even more than I love brownies, I love brownie batter. I get that from my mom, and when we go over for dinner she is sure to save some batter in a bowl for me. Go Louise!
 Is it totally unhealthy for me to eat with the raw egg? Probably. 
Meh, I'll risk it. 
Here is a pin that I hadn't seen before (gasp!) that Kelsey sent to us about her brownie mishap. Check it out!

The Original

This article is about uncommon uses for common household items. I dig it! They even have their very own brownie recipe that you can find here!

The Pinstrosity
Here is Kelsey's not so yummy finished product...

Bummer dude.
Now I am not sure if Kelsey used their recipe or her own, however I can say that this just isn't appetizing at all!
Seeing as the original website tried their recipe out with their waffle iron I would suggest sticking with that! It has been tried and true! Also it says to not grease the pan, but I would probably go ahead and give it a hit of Pam just to be on the safe side. Now I haven't tested this out and if you try that and it turns out disastrous please don't come knocking down my door with pitch forks, I gave you warning! 
I haven't tested this!
Anyone want to try this out for me?! I will give you a metaphorical shiny nickle ( that's an honor in my family!).
I do know that waffles have a hard time if they aren't greased beforehand so that's why I would go with the assumption that grease would help. However we all know where assuming gets us. *sigh*
Another thing that might have happened is that they were using two different types of waffle irons. I know that different products cook at different times and temperatures so that may have had something to do with it.

Kelsey I would suggest sticking with the oven until you get it figured out though. 
Anyone have any awesome tips for her? Help a sister out!!
 This girl says she LOVES brownies. 
Wanna start a club Kelsey?! 

Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!



  1. A year ago I found a pin similar to this, but for a cake mix instead of a brownie mix. The first waffle stuck, but after that I sprayed the pan and they all worked fine. From the looks of the pictures on this post, I think she also might have used to much batter since it was over-flowing so much. The problem I had was that it made WAY to many for just me and my husband. Here is the pin I tried:

  2. I was just about to comment with what Crystal said: way too much batter. I think the brownie probably would have cooked through and not burned if there had been less batter.

  3. I have made brownie waffles many times before. This was in the days before pinterest - remember those? :) I used a boxed brownie mix made up according to the directions on the package. You need to spray the iron with pam. You need to put in less batter than you think. As you make them you will get the hang of how much for your iron. Start with less rather than more! Then you need to cook it only until it stops steaming out the sides of the iron. They are brownies so you can't tell if they are golden brown or not :) Good luck!!

  4. I tried the one about cooking shredded hash browns in the waffle iron..dismal failure! They never cooked all the way through and I ended up just throwing them in a skillet and cooking them the regular way!

  5. I haven't tried this pin, but I have made chocolate waffles before. You will definitely want to spray the waffle iron, and even be prepared to do a little scraping afterwords, but they're yummy! This is the recipe I've used before, it comes out a little dry, but put some ice cream or chocolate syrup on it and you're good to go!

  6. I don't know what she did wrong either, although it does look as if there is way too much batter in there. I haven't seen that pin either, although I did see Rachel Ray do this. I just bought a microwave brownie maker. I'll let ya'll know how they come out. Here in Florida we look for ways to not turn the oven on. And I've always believed brownies to be 1 of the 4 major food groups. ( ice cream is 1 too) And, I am soo happy to know I'm not the only 1 who loves brownie batter. Cookie dough does nothing for me, but I could eat the whole entire bowl of brownie batter. YUM!!!!

  7. I'm with Debra on those hash browns using the waffle maker, definitely not a pin win. They were edible, but disappointingly not crispy. Now I have had success with the cinnamon bun waffles. I followed the directions and used the Cinnabon Grands, one thing though they really only take about 3-4 minutes tops, then they go from delish to burnt mess in a nano second so you really need to keep an eye on the time.

  8. I tried the Ray Ray method also, with almost as bad results. It just made a big mess, all stuck to the waffle iron (even when I greased it. I don't use grease for regular waffles.) Big waste of brownie batter that I could have eaten raw!! ;)

  9. I tried this pin with a Ghiredelli (sp?) mix. It did not turn out well. Thank goodness my irons seperate from the appliance so I could soak them. I will be giving it another shot with a different brand. These are very moist brownies, so that may be the problem. And yes I would grease the livin daylights out of the waffle iron! And it does look like there was too much batter on it. Mine I also think I may not have cooked all the way and they stuck to each side.

  10. I haven't made the brownies, but I've made corn bread in the waffle iron and it worked out great! Just use the same amount of batter as you would to make regular waffles. I was so excited to make my hash browns in the waffle iron, but it was a horrible mess. I'll stick with oiling my iron and using batters. Mmmmmm.... I think I'll go try making some brownies now!

  11. I use our waffle iron for lots of things (cinnamon rolls and cake just to name two) but I've never tried brownies. I think the key, as many have mentioned, is to grease that sucker up with Pam. EVERY TIME. But its yummy once you get the hang of it (and as someone with a summer birthday, it was great to find alternative way to make cake without cranking the oven up).


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