Friday, October 5, 2012

Terrified T-Rex- A Toddler's Room Makeover

Most of us see something on a blog, Pinterest or otherwise, think how awesome it would look in our house, realize how easy and fast it could be and then we try the whole "Make it your own" thing that Marquette and I have been talking about a lot lately. Now sometimes this works awesome, like we have shown in a few of our recent posts, and sometimes we choose supplies or variables that just don't click together like we had hoped. However, there is a light at the end of the Pinstrosity tunnel, (and that light generally involves spray paint, glue, and power tools of some sort)...Briana had one such story. Briana set out to give her son's room a makeover, taking it from baby land to a boys dream play/bedroom for her toddler, let's see how it all went down...hill.

The Original

Cute idea, no?! Well I think it is a great way to take those toys that the little ones don't play with anymore and turn them into art. 

**A reader brought it to my attention that the Dutch website that I had up first was in fact NOT the original (It can be hard to track down these days , so thanks reader!) and so here is the original blog once again, we love to give credit where credit is due: **

 Briana thought that spray painting her little guys T-Rex with a gunmetal color would make it look a little more boyish than pink giraffes and sparkly butterflies. However when she got to the painting part, it didn't go as planned...

The Pinstrosity

Can you tell there is glitter on him? Hardly, not quite the pop that the original had, Briana didn't like the look, and I would have to agree with her, it just doesn't give that same stand out look that makes it so fun. She said she was COVERED in paint and glitter after this one piece and wasn't about to go back to the store. 

Due to updated information I have had to change this post to accommodate the original link that a reader found for me! Thanks reader!!
 The original blog said she took her animals painted them with craft glue, and then glittered, please go to her blog for a full tutorial it can be found here:
Also she attached the animals with an epoxy like glue, which she has a link to on her blog.

Anyways, after all the hassle of painting and glittering her T-Rex, here is what Briana ended up doing...

No, it isn't the original  and  she didn't have to put a lot of effort into it, but sometimes less is more, and I think this looks better than if everything had been boring and grey.
She points out that had she decided to do all the fun colors of glitter it would have turned out better, but this says boy more than glitter and I think that it looks cute! A spin off to an already easy project, that makes it even easier! I love it! I think this could also be used in a girls room, if you have an animal or jungle theme, little effort required.

P.S. Now days they have spray paint specifically for plastic products, which may work better( less coats, longer lasting), but the fact that these won't be being played with says that you probably won't need that...if you are having problems with it sticking to those fun plastic animal figurines though, that might be why.

Anyone have any other ideas how to take this easy project in another direction? I thought about maybe having a big canvased map, and placing each animal where it would be found geographically on the map, for a little educational twist, and if you haven't noticed by now I LOVE MAPS and I will use any excuse I can to sneak them in there somewhere! I have them everywhere.

Have an awesome Friday Pinstrosipeeps! 
See ya Monday!
Stay tuned for Marquette's post tomorrow! 


  1. If you follow the post, you get the original source, and she does mention that she uses actual glitter, not a spray.

    1. Thank you so much! I have since edited and fixed the post to better reflect and give credit to the original blogger!

    2. Awe man...had I seen the site I am sure it would have turned out. I went off the Dutch site :(

  2. I think the way she did it looks super-cute. How would you attach the figures to the canvas?

  3. I used Gorilla glue. Dried super fast and was able to hang later that day.

  4. I reposted the papery & cakery tutorial a while back on my blog and just went back to the post to make sure I had the right link, and I did! *Whew* I really like both versions. The plain version is just as eye catching and not as much work, so why not leave them unpainted? I also liked that she used an octopus (squid?). Really cute!

  5. Where do you get different sizes of canvas like that? I want to do a space theme for my toddlers room, so I bet I could make this work.

  6. I like it better without the glitter, especially the zebra on the red block.

  7. To do the glitter look with less mess, Krylon's got glitter spray paint! Simply spray on plastic primer first, to stick to the animal. Then any paint will stick to the primer.

  8. I've seen the glittered plastic figurine done as a Christmas ornament recently. I heard the creator used a coat or two of color paint and then glitterblast. (Glitterblast may be the Krylon glitter spray paint mentioned above. I can't remember the brand.)


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