Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marshmallow Rolls...the Great Escape

You've seen them on the blog as Redundo Rolls. You've seen them on Pinterest as Hocus Pocus Rolls or Resurrection Rolls. You've seen them exploding in your ovens.  Today...we give you:

The Original Pin
The Disappearing Marshmallow Rolls! We featured this on the blog before, but we've had quite a few entries since then. I've been saving this one though. Why? Because I tried it, followed our advice, and couldn't get it to work. I ended with results just like these:

The Pinstrosities
 "Mine turned out more like marshmallow snails. In the recipe/directions, she doesn't actually give measurements for ratio of cinnamon to sugar or how much melted butter you need, so I don't think that was the issue. Others had commented that the marshmallow melts and leaks out if you don't make sure your crescent roll "seams" are sealed well, so I made sure to try to do that. Thing is, ours didn't just leak out, they sort of exploded. After they cooled, the marshmallow size went down and they were delicious anyway, but they definitely didn't look like they were supposed to." -Jacy

 "I was super excited to see these marshmallow-y delights on Pinterest and decided to try them out for an easy dessert.  I have a bunch of campfire marshmallows left over from a camping season riddled with fire-bans (Colorado spent almost the whole camping season on fire ban).  I figured I could use up marshmallows and free up pantry space.  I broke out my giant marshmallows, the cinnamon and sugar, my melted butter and of course the crescent rolls, perused the directions a 3rd time since that seems to be a primary fail culprit. I took a whole marshmallow dipped it in the melted butter rolled it in the cinnamon/sugar mix then attempted to wrap it in a crescent. Not such a stellar job, but it worked, I had to stretch the dough a bit to accommodate the over-large marshmallow but it worked.  I decided after that maybe a ½ campfire-mallow would work and the next 2 were done in halves, it was still a bit of a squeeze and then I ¼’d the marshmallow.  The wrapping was much easier now but I was out of crescents so it was time to get dessert baking.  I was entertaining my sister-in-law and we were chatting at the table when she looked at the oven and said “uuhhh – is it supposed to explode?” Sure enough I had the stay-puffed marshmallow monster growing steadily in my oven reigned in only by feeble crescent bonds.  The dough looked like it was just about perfect so I pulled them out and this is what I had (this picture was taken after we had eaten some of the flattened sweeties) Thank heavens I put foil on the pan and sprayed it with Pam this was such a gooey mess! They were delicious please don’t think I’m complaining but the marshmallows most definitely didn’t disappear and the crescents didn’t hold any type of shape.  Obviously the next time I do this I’ll be using regular sized marshmallows but even the quartered ones (which ought to have been just about the same size) didn’t hold up.  Please help!  I want these to be the tastey pop-able puffs of Halloween that I imagined them to be!" -Alison

"I followed the recipe exactly so I'm not sure where I went wrong :( Regardless of if I knew or not, I will not be trying this one again because I have yet to clean out my oven and I just don't want to add to it. I give this one a 3 out of 5." -Jamie -Kierra

"I tried to make these Crescent-Roll-Cinnamon-Sugar-Marshmallow things. Marshmallow everywhere. But they still tasted good!" -Sarah

"As soon as I pulled these out of the oven I knew I had to send it in. I don't know if I just did something wrong or if this doesn't really work. It said the marshmallows would disappear, but they just spewed out of the sides. I followed the recipe exactly and I even spent extra time on pinching the dough closed so that there were no openings. So here's my pinstrosity. " -Sariah

When I made mine I took extra time to make sure that I had pinched the dough closed very thoroughly...and I still ended up with flattened and spewed rolls. I didn't take a picture because they look like all the other photos above. I wasn't quite sure how to solve this. That is, until Carter emailed us. Carter tried out the recipe the first time and got this:

But Carter's no quitter. Here's the story:

 "I thought I would send in my lovely experience (and high quality images) to share! And my advice on how other pinners can avoid the hell I found with these heavenly rolls."

"I had just gotten home from a horrible accounting test and all I wanted to do was eat my feelings. I had pinned these bad boys about a week earlier, so they were still fresh on my sweet desiring radar. My boyfriend was also on his way to visit me (I live in Athens and he lives in Atlanta) so I thought I would have something delicious ready for his arrival. After a quick pit stop at the grocery store, I pulled up the original site and followed the recipe from start to finish.
One of the pictures I have included is how the rolls are supposed to look, all cute and fluffy and filled with deliciousness. When my oven timer finally went off after fifteen minutes, that was not at all what I found. The picture included is how mine appeared the exact moment I pulled them out of the oven. My roommates and I had a good laugh at first, then came time to scrape them off the pan.....thirty minutes later, we had a broken pile of cooked crescent dough on a plate. This was a pin fail for the books."

"About a week later, and the night before my business statistics test, I thought I would put the other tube of crescent rolls in my fridge to use and make these bad boys again. This time, instead of pinching them shut like the recipe calls for you to do, I wrapped them in such a way that the marshmallow could still breathe. Fifteen minutes later I pulled out perfectly fluffy, delicious treats (and they taste just as heavenly as the easter story they represent). The point being DO NOT SEAL THESE SHUT! It will piss off your marshmallow and make for a horrendous clean up time!"

I want to try these again, and now I know what to do. Thanks so much for your help and sleuthfulness (I'm sure that's a word) Carter, you're the best! 


  1. My boyfriend, a bunch of friends and I did something like this, where the marshmallow actually melted and disappeared but it wasn't so pretty (and it was definitely less than good for you!)

    We were having a deep fry party (not my idea, I swear!) and everyone was deep frying random things (candy bars,sweets, meat, etc) and we dug out some marshmallows from a past camping trip.

    We coated them in pancake batter and deep-fried them and when we bit into them, the marshmallow was gone! It had melted into the batter and it was delicious. I don't see why we couldn't roll it in butter and cinnamon sugar and get a similar result :)

    Again, they wouldn't be terribly healthy, but they would be delicious!

  2. It's so strange to me that everyone has such poor results with this one because when I did it it worked great...maybe I unintentionally left air holes for the marshmallow to breath...I don't remember. I needed them for a quick treat for a potluck and now that I've seen what could've happened I'm glad they worked.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I had no trouble and didn't realize that people did.

  3. My mom made these all the time growing up and was what I always requested for my birthday breakfast. We have always called them Marshmallow Muffins (I guess because she bakes hers in a muffin tin). Her original recipe says "make sure you put foil under your pan as these can and will bubble over!" We also dip the wrapped marshmallow roll in butter and cinnamon sugar again before baking which makes it out of this world!

  4. My family and I have made these "Resurrection Rolls" for YEARS as Easter breakfast, and even now I find that they're hit or miss. Always delicious, but not always beautiful!

  5. I made these too last year! Mine didn't turn out either. (

    It's weird how some peoples fail got all melty. Mine just puffed up and burst out of the crescent rolls.

  6. I make these all the time but I use grands biscuits instead. And I have NEVER had an issue with using the biscuits. Maybe try that instead of the crescent rolls.

  7. This recipe has been around for YEARS, and while I admire the blog lady's attempt to make the process about religion, she's leaving out an important step... put them in a cupcake or muffin tin for baking. We also usually bake them at 375 instead of 350. Anyways I googled it to check and every other site with this recipe recommends a muffin tin, including Pillsbury's own site.

    In the comments someone asks if they can use a cookie sheet instead. Someone commented and said...

    "NO do not try to make these on a cookie sheet. The marshmallow inside melts along with the butter and other sugars and creates almost a syrup that gets soaked into the dough. In fact even in a muffin cup you run the risk of some of this syrup overflowing.If you try to make these on a cookie sheet they will leak and burn and you will end up throwing it away. Also,when they are baked they are hollow. The marshmallow melts and flavors the dough so dont expect to break one open and find it inside. I actually would suggest making these in jumbo cups just in case to avoid a mess."

    Anyways here are the other recipes I found, definitely use a muffin tin and you will have much better luck. In other news, you can use Peeps instead of the cinnamon/sugar marshmallow for added fun ;)

  8. I make these all the time. I recommend a muffin tin for sure. Also I always use 3 mini marshmallows. The big ones would be too much and thus bubble over.

  9. I made a variation of this idea. I only put half a marshmallow in each one. Much less mess.

  10. A muffin pan is the solution. Made these Surprise Muffins many times.

  11. A muffin pan is definitely a HUGE factor! Also make sure you use fresh marshmallows! This is not the time to use up your half-stale marshmallows. I would assume that is what happened in the first pinstrosity up there.

  12. made these every Christmas. In muffin tins!

  13. I too make these in muffin tins. Works fabulously!

  14. Yes, PLEASE use a muffin tin. Works fabulously!

  15. Mini marshmallows work much better. I don't make these exact ones, but I make PB, chocolate chip, and mallow ones. I've never had them bubble out.

  16. My family and i do these for easter. The cinnamon, sugar, and butter is for spices and oils that were put on Jesus`body. The cresent is the tomb. The marshmallow is Jesus, when he comes out of the oven ( we use this time to read the Easter story) he is gone!


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