Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinterest 911, But No Really...

Today is errand day, I have run out of time before work to give a full out tutorial, however I (and you) are in luck today. Stephanie sent us this little tale, and well I think it's hilarious, and in all honesty could have happened to any of us...enjoy!

The Pinstrosity
Real cops, in Stephanie's real house, for a not so real on....

"Over the weekend I was taking the idea of this pin ( , but on a bit [of a] larger scale. I had a large cheap floor mirror (you know, the one every college girl has in her dorm), I knew I would never use it again, so I thought well why not break the mirror and use that frame for this project?

So on Saturday I sat outside on our apartment balcony and began smashing the mirror out of the frame using a hammer. In the meantime, my 11 month old son was inside and I had the screen door shut so he wouldn't come outside and get into the glass. My son is in this phase where he recently figured out how to scream. Not because he's in pain or frustrated, he just thinks it's cool the noise that he can make. I didn't think anything of it - he just screams a lot lately. We moms have a gift of tuning out our children at times, right?!

About the time I've finished my very fun mirror smash, my husband is now outside helping me clean up, and 3 police officers show up at our balcony. Our neighbor had called in a domestic disturbance reporting violence and a lot of screaming! Needless to say the police officers had quite the chuckle that all the noise was due to a Pinterest project. My husband has informed me that I'm not allowed to do any projects in the future that involve the breaking of anything :-) The picture I've included is proof of the police officers in our home. I'm holding my son and the officer is waving at him :-) Hopefully the actual project won't turn out to be a Pinstrosity - I'd love to have an epic story to tell about decor hanging in my home!"

Moral of the story, be careful of where and when and how loud you are DIY-ing...

Thanks for the story Steph! We love a good chuckle, and are happy that no one was actually hurt!!!
Happy Monday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Wonder if the caller was someone with no kids of their own or is never around them. Usually (not always, but usually), you can tell after that first, scary scream when a child is screaming to make noise. It's a LOT different than a pain-scream or mad-scream! Hope her pin turns out, too. Great story to embarrass the kid with someday :)

  2. My daughter was a screamer and I always wondered what the neighbours thought! Luckily no police here though! Good luck for your finished project!

  3. LOL! Too funny, so glad the police got a chuckle. My almost 7 month has started that screaming phase...all the time...,at the top of her lungs. I will have to be careful about what kind of DIY projects I tackle LOL!

  4. Absolutely brilliant story! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. Oh my, that's hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think it's great that the neighbors called the police. Too many people ignore what they think may be domestic violence. The police officers probably walked away with a great story that they don't have nightmares about and Stephanie walks away with a great story for her home decor. It's a win-win. :-)

  7. That gave me a laugh.

    Our daughter is 2, and she refuses to sleep in her own bed (our fault for letting her co-sleep so long). Well, her daddy tried to get her to sleep in her bed one night. He went in there and laid with her. She screamed and screamed for five minutes straight (DADDY, NOOOOOOO!!!!). I was certain the cops would soon be at our door because we too live in an apartment.
    I was actually a bit disappointed that they never showed up. Nice to know that our child screaming bloody murder attracted absolutely no attention whatsoever lol. At least if you guys ever are in any real danger, you'll get a response :p


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