Thursday, October 18, 2012

Death Warmed Over

Cameron needed to be using our desktop computer this morning to get ready for his big test (think good thoughts for him today!), so I'm on the lap top and it's throwing a temper-tantrum and doesn't want to cooperate. I guess that's fitting for a 4 year old...lap tops have such a short life span. Anyway...I do have a post in preparation for this morning but I won't be able to finish it until I have access to the desktop. Just wanted to let you know it's coming. Until then I'll be scrubbing down my house. We threw mouse poison under the house because we were being overrun and now our house smells like death, and while I know they are dead under the house and in the walls it seems like there has to be something I can I'm going to scrub the house and maybe look up a pin for a DIY gas mask. Anyone want to come help me scrub? I didn't think so...don't worry I don't blame you. But now I fully know "death warmed over" smells like.


  1. This happened to me right before I was hosting a family dinner last year at Christmas. There really is no solution... At least you aren't expecting 15 people for prime rib and crab legs with the smell of dead mouse wafting around, no that was me.

    1. So what did you eventually do? We are dealing with mice and considering poison, but this worries me!

  2. Maybe you could test a Pin I saw yesterday that said mice don't like zest soap.

  3. And this is why I mouse poison never made sense to me. At least with a trap you know where they died and can get rid of them before you have to smell them!

  4. Shoulda put down some containers of methylated spirits, when you put the baits under the house. The baits make the mice thirsty, and they'll pretty much drink anything. Then, when they cark it ... the metho dries out their bodies, and they don't smell.

    Or so I'm told. It hasn't shown up on Pinterest yet ....!


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