Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MIYO Subway Art Candle Holders

We've been talking a lot about taking a pin and making it your own every now and then. Not all of us are creative masterminds worthy of being in charge of the Google logo (wouldn't that be a fun job!), but we do all have creativity in us. Yes...even you. The desire to create is part of being human and alive. We can be creative through art, music, writing, organization, cleaning, cooking, brainstorming, fashion, sports, naming pets, playing with children, sewing, telling stories, etc. Being creative doesn't mean that the idea has to be 100% your own original thought...nor does it mean that the results must be professional grade. Allow yourself to just create for the fun of it...get an idea and just run with it (didn't mean for that to rhyme, that doesn't happen all the time). 

We'll be featuring some "Make It Your Own" projects every now and then to give you ideas for things you can do to take a pin and put your own personal twist to the project. 

Our "Make It Your Own" post today comes from Rachel. She emailed us a great MIYO project that we wanted to share with you. 

Rachel wrote the following in her email to us: "I always feel terrible when I try something new (from Pinterest or otherwise) and it doesn't turn out right and it (perversely) makes me happy that this happens to other people as well. In the spirit of your recent comments on making pins your own, I wanted to share (what I consider to be) my Pin Win."

"I got divorced this year and it has been hectic and insane and I have been insane. My divorce was finalized this week, so me and my close friends are going out for dinner this weekend. I wanted to give each one a little gift to thank them for being so amazing, but I am unfortunately low on fundage. I remembered seeing a pin of inexpensive gifts that you could make. I did my own little spin."

The Original Pin

I liked gift #4, but I didn't want to do it on styrafoam cups and hot chocolate. Off I went to Ross to find something better. I found some candle  holders that were very inexpensive. I attached pictures of how they turned out. I made each one very personal for each of my friends. My best friend LOVES pink and they just so happened to have a pink one, so hers is special. You can't see in the picture, but I also signed each one in a bottom corner.

I am giving them to my friends on Saturday. I hope they like them! :)"

The Pinstrosity ("Make It Your Own" style)

Aren't those great?! I love it. Thank you so much Rachel for sending us your MIYO project. 

Coffee/hot cocoa cups just weren't quite Rachel's thing...so she found a way to adapt the project into something that fit her style better. 


  1. you should call them 'pin spins'!

    1. Tiffijo, I LOVE that. From now on, they are labeled as Pin Spins.

  2. I agree with Tiffijo, catchy name!

  3. For the candles, were the words printed on paper? Wouldn't the paper get hot? I love the idea, just trying to figure it out so I can try and re-create it!


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