Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chevrons and Squirrels

Growing up I thought you did one of three things with pumpkins...made pie, carved jack-o-lanterns, and chucked 'em. As I've grown I've seen them used in so many creative ways. Today's Pinstrosity involves one of these pumpkin decorations that I hadn't seen until the past few years. 

The Original Pin
I don't know how I didn't ever see painted pumpkins before. Or maybe I did and I just didn't log it away in my brain...which is probably more likely what happened. 

Anyway, I thought this was a fun idea. I'm not into chevron's myself, but it's still a fun idea. Robin saw this idea, convinced her mother to join in the project, and went to work. She said, "getting the zigzags straight and even were more difficult than we anticipated, but my pumpkins looked pretty cute!" And they did! See exhibit A: 

Didn't she do a nice job.  Now comes the Pinstrosity part. Robin told us that the pumpkins "looked great for a couple of weeks, but then I started noticing critter marks on the small pumpkin.  The gash kept getting bigger until I finally caught the squirrel red handed."
The Pinstrosity 
 "I had no idea squirrels would eat pumpkins!" Me neither actually. "I've been told to put mothballs around the house or spray vinegar on the pumpkin.  I haven't tried either yet, but we'll see if I can save the other pumpkin!"

I did some reading around and there are different opinions on this, but the most common solution I read was to slather your pumpkin in Vaseline (and if you carve the pumpkin, put some vicks on the cut areas). Other methods were pepper spray, hot sauce, clear lacquer spray, and ammonia. Some articles I read said that these were sure-fire fixes, and others said they didn't work so well. I guess different squirrels just like different flavors? Anyway, here's a link to check out of a science project style post on which substance kept the squirrels from chewin' the pumpkins:  


  1. hahaha. That's hilarious! I had no idea either! To bad her adorable pumpkins were EATEN! So weird. :)

  2. Hahahahaha I love it! Sneaky little squirrel. I do agree, she did a fabulous job. I was waiting to scroll down and see a major Pinstrosity!

  3. We've seen squirrels snacking on pumpkins several times around our neighborhood and once on our porch, after Halloween. The little busters were practically inside the pumpkin before they got done with it. It was very funny, actually!

    BTW, nice job on the chevrons!

    Jennie in Ohio

  4. Squirrels love pumpkins!! I can't put a pumpkin out until Halloween, and it's only ok then because they are scared off by all the trick or treaters. Come morning it is all chomped up.

    Too bad the nice pumpkin got all chompified!

  5. Painting pumpkins is a great alternative to carving them when you're working with little kids. (No sharp knives to worry about.) The local high school always sent honor roll students to the kindergarten to do this on gourds just before Halloween.

  6. If you empty the pumpkin first, it may not be so much of an issue...if you're willing to put up an offering to the squirrel gods. Put the contents of the pumpkin (perhaps after you've rescued the seeds for roasting outside within a significant distance from the pumpkin and scrape as much of the gooey stuff out of the pumpkin as you can. If you wash the pumpkin out inside, I imagine the squirrels will be more attracted to the aromatic pile of goo than the empty pumpkin shell. I haven't tested it, but it's worth a try.

  7. hahahaha i needed that chuckle tonight!


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