Monday, October 1, 2012

Diaper Crash And Burn

It always seems as if all of my expectant friends have showers, or deliveries at the same time. An OB nurse friend of mine said that deliveries happening all at the same time have something to do with the Barometric Pressure changing you expectant Pinstrosipeeps, keep that in mind when your happy days gets close! But for now, and for those of us who are headed to tons of baby showers in the near future, here is one gift that started as a Pinstrosity, and ended up a Pin Win, and here are some tips to fix it!

The Original

A super cute take on an original gift, I have done a bunch of diaper cakes, diaper motorcycles and what not, but the wreath a is a fun and fresh idea! (P.S. I love the whole banner trend right now.)

Here is Nina's attempt at this gift without any instructions included...

The Pinstrosity

Not what she had in mind, but a valiant attempt anyways! The problem with this project was no instructions  She was eyeballin' it, and well it just ended up falling short. She made the wreath form from insulation tubing from Home Deopt, but her project was too heavy for this form. Also she didn't know how to attach the diapers to the wreath without destroying them! So she tried fishing line and ribbon, and that didn't work either. Bummer city.
After some research I found one blog that had directions for this project, this blog used a wooden wreath form (from Micheals), and drilled holes in it in order to secure the diapers on with ribbon, she pulled the ribbon through the holes and secured them in tight with a knot in the back. Pretty simple but takes power tools, drill bits and whatnot, and sometimes I am just too lazy to go find those, make sure the drill is charged and what not. 

However there is hope! I found another blog that used the same method but she used poster board cut into a wreath shape and used an Exacto knife to make the slits for the ribbon...

Here is my favorite diaper wreath worth mentioning though, this one is EASY! You take a round wreath from, you can find them at Walmart, any craft store, or make your form from insulation piping from Home Depot (this didn't work for Nina's because it was too heavy and ended up giving it an oval shape, but this one is fairly lighter and  should evenly distribute the weight). 

For this one you put the diaper around the wreath like you would a baby, but instead of opening the sticky tabs and using the diaper, you secure it with ribbon (or a rubber band and then your pretty ribbon) on top of the wreath. You will overlap the diapers a little bit, and them add pretty ribbon if you haven't already, and then tie the toys and odds and ends with ribbon around the wreath. Tada!

There are lots of options for diaper-decor these days, and I thought that last one was definitely the easiest and the most user friendly. Nina didn't end up taking her misshapen wreath to the baby shower, but she did salvage the project like Marquette talked about on Saturday...check out her take two!

It still turned out stinking cute, and I am sure her friend was grateful for the time and effort put into this gift!

Another testament to making a project your own! Nina's project didn't go her way, but she ended up with a rockin' result after all, and I'm sure no one knows that is started as a Pinstrosity!

Anyone have any other fun diaper-decor ideas? We have seen the wreath, the cake, and I mentioned the  motorcycle...whats next! We love your feedback Pinstrosipeeps! Have an awesome Monday!

**Update: A couple of comments suggested to make sure what size, and kind of diapers that the mom-to-be will be using, an excellent point that I didn't mention. A gift is always well intended  but it would be a shame if the baby will be wearing cloth diapers, and you happen to use disposables! Just a thought! Thanks for the suggestion ladies! This is why we ask for your feedback, you guys rock!**


  1. Cute idea! Make sure that you ask the person you are giving what diapers they are using, though. Some people have allergies to certain diapers, or are not going to use disposable. It would be a shame to go to all that work (and money) to make a gift that they aren't going to use. Look at their registry to see what brand of diapers they are asking for, and try to stick to those, if possible. It will make the gift that much more appreciated. And it would be totally possible to pull something like this off with some cloth diapers. Just ask the mama what she wants! :)

    1. I totally agree. That would be why its SOOOO important to take a look at their registry, even if you arent planning on buying directly from it. At my baby shower, I got a ton of disposables, even though I had put on my registry that we were going to try G-Diapers. It ended up working out, because the G Diapers didnt work for me and I didnt have money to try a different cloth diaper, so I ended up using disposable anyway, but it was very disappointing at the time.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that diaper cakes/wreathes/motorcycles/whatever are actually ugly? (Probably.) Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

    1. Nope. I'm right there with you. And this is from someone who thinks anything even remotely related to babies is cute.

  3. There's also lots of diaper bouquets/ice cream/cupcake ideas out there. I like the bouquet idea because it doesn't take sooo many diapers and you can throw in a few onesies etc.

  4. I received 2 diaper cakes at my shower. I liked them at the time, but wound up LOVING them later. The rolled and rubber banded diapers fit so neatly in a purse or daddy-bag! I could just grab a pair, and be on my way out the door. I still usually roll the diapers when I re-stock our bags, and he's 2.


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