Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pin Spin-Three For One Craft ft. Kiddos

How many times have you been able to complete not one, not two, but three projects in one wonderful crafting afternoon? Well if you are me, or anyone in my family for that matter, that is a big fat no. I am the only one in my family who doesn't have kids yet, so that is everyone else's excuse I suppose (kidding kidding, I know it can be super difficult to get stuff done with little ones running around), I guess my excuse will be some self diagnosed ADD, I can't sit still long enough and think about one thing at a time to ever get anything done. In hindsight it's fantastic that I have been able to finish a single thought while writing for the blog, if you knew me in not blog land (and I am sure Marquette can attest to this) you would know I often trail off mid sentence onto a whole other non related topic.
With that I want to give major props to Charlie for doing two crafts at once, and doing them with a toddler helping out ( I count that as three). You are awesome girl. Props to all you hard working moms out there!  
Here is today's Pin Spin!
(Another name for our MIYO-Make It Your Own series, thanks to Tiifijo for that awesome name suggestion!)

The Original(s)

Our awesome reader Charlie sent us this project she did with her little one, she combined these two projects she got from Sarah Jane Studios ( ). Charlie took these ideas combined them and made them her own, a fun Pin Spin to use as art! Bonus, she got to complete this cute piece with her 23 month old son, precious!

The Pin Spin

So cute right! This project is done by downloading the cutout (birds, elephant, seal) from Sarah Jane's blog  (here is the link for that again, ). Before hand you have your little one paint on some paper (give em' free reign with markers, watercolors, or finger paints whatever you want really), then you place the cutout on the painted paper and cut out your template of choice. Charlie finished hers off by making it more of a birdie collage like in the first example. 

Some of you might be wondering why I have been doing so many of the Pin Spins (make it your own), but I just love to see all of the Pinstrosipeeps success, and not just because they did the project just like the directions, because they strayed from the norm and gave it a spin. We have gotten a lot of emails with people sharing their successes and I love having the opportunity to share them with you guys...I hope it helps get some creative juices flowing for our readers!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I really like this - I thought the original birds & owls were pretty but a teensy bit twee, and this version brings it back to elegant.

  2. I was searching for the bird template that Charlie used for her birds and tree. I couldn't find it on the Sarah Jane link in the post. I think it is the template in the Daffodil Design blog from the first original pinterest picture -

    I just want to let anyone else know, who like me needs step by step instructions on things like this. I'm trying it out with my 2 yr old. Fingers crossed that this is Christmas gift quality. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!!


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