Monday, July 30, 2012

100th post for 1,000,000 views

This is it, our 100th post! A while back we announced that we had something big planned for August, but we decided to pull this out a few days early in honor of...

Can you believe it!? We're beyond excited. So, in honor of this being our 100th post and for reaching the one million page view mark we are having a competition! So let me give you the low down on what's goin' on. 

You!  You and your friend. You and your dog. You and your sugar glider. Pretty much, this competition is for you? How do I know it's for you? Because you're reading this. 

To enter the competition you'll need to test out a Pinterest pin (more on that in just a few lines), write up an awesome post about it (including pictures), and send it our way! It doesn't matter if your testing ends in a Pin Win or a Pinstrosity, write it up and send it our way.

Where do you get the Pinterest pins to test out? OUR "To Test" board on Pinterest. We've got a good collection of some of the most popular pins.
You have until 11:30 p.m. (Mountain Time Zone) on August 8th, 2012 to submit your entry. 

Because it's fun! And...because the winner will receive a $50 Gift Card to (where you can get just about anything). The winning entry will be featured on the blog as a guest writer. We will also pick 2 runner-up entries, which will be featured on the blog as guest writers.

  1. Pick out your pin to test
  2. Test it out and take photos.
  3. Write up your post about your experience.  Not sure where to start...there's a guiding outline after these directions that you may use. Do you have to use the outline? Nope, not at all. But if you get stumped, try it out. 
  4. Email it to us! Be sure to send us your name and to have "The Pinstrosity Challenge" as your subject. You can type your entry right into the email, you can attach it as a word document, or you can post it on your own blog/site and send us the link. 

  • Your Awesome Title
  • Introduction Time!
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do in life?
  • The Original Pin
    • Copy and paste the link to the pin you chose to test:
    • Anything you care to tell us about…
    • Why you picked this pin to test?
    • Your thought process?
    • What you did?
  • The Pinstrosity/Pin Win
    • Photos! Don’t forget the photos, that is what makes the post good!
    • Tell us your story!
    • Did you end up with a Pinstrosity or a Pin Win?
    • What went wrong/right?
    • What did you change from the original pin?
    • Did you learn anything new?
    • Pretty much…what happened?
  • The Dissection. This is the hard part…but we know you can do it.
    • What contributed to your Pin Win or Pinstrosity?
    • What could you have done to improve on your project?
    • If you ended up with a Pin Win, did you have to modify the project to get there?
    • If you ended up with a Pinstrosity, how could you salvage the project for future use, or what could be done differently next time to get better results?
    • Don’t know what went wrong or how to fix it? See what google has to say first, and then if you’re still stumped…just tell us your theory and we’ll see what we can figure out. Make sure to include links to any sites that helped you in your sleuthing!

The Fine Print (don't skip this part)
  • Your post must be submitted by 11:30 p.m. (MST) on August 8th, 2012. No late submission will be accepted. 
  • While we still want to receive your Pinstrosities of any pin you have posted, entries for this competition must be taken from our To Test pins. We will not accept any entry which tested a pin that was not on that board. 
  • Entries containing vulgarity or profanity will not be accepted. 
  • Judging is not based on how good of a Pin Win or how "up-in-flames" of a Pinstrosity you have, so do try your best to test your pin well. 
  • The winning entry will be chosen by the two of us. We are looking for creativity, thorough testing, and a well written entry. 
  • added 7/31/12: There are no restrictions as to how many projects you can submit (obviously, only one entry per test), nor are there any restrictions as to where you if you're in Antarctica and want to join in, by all means please do. 

Thank you, to each of you, for your help in making Pinstrosity a success. We are so pleased and excited with the response we have received to Pinstrosity. We can't wait to see what you all can do!Good luck!


  1. What a fun idea! I have a packet of marshmallows we didn't use for my daughter's birthday party . . . but is the wording of the second sentence in the second point of the fine print correct?

    1. Thank you for drawing our attention to the typo. I knew what I meant, but hopefully now it is more clear.

  2. Is it okay to enter from New Zealand?

  3. Is there a limit to the number of entries that one person can submit?

  4. Sounds like time to get creative with my kids! There's a few on there that I've actually been looking at and wanting to try. Here's my chance!

  5. I have a lot of pins, but only a couple of these. What about the more popular pins??

  6. Are you going to do this again?

    1. We may do something like this again sometime. We don't have any immediate plans to as of now, but we know we want to do more competitions in the future.


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