Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jell-Lego Land

Em here, after having a crafty day with my mum, I am now turning to a food Pinstrosity! Elizabeth sent us this doozey in the kitchen, let's check it out!

The Original

How stinking cute is that?! And, they turned out PERFECT! Elizabeth's came out considerably different, and not in a good way... :(

The Pinstrosity

From what I can tell, Elizabeth used an actual lego, (the giant ones if you have ever seen them). There are several tips and tricks to making a perfect Jello mold, and they all start with practice practice practice. Jello is a tricky mistress, and often has her way, but try these tips and you should be on your way to "Jell-Lego Land" ;) (Corny I know, would you expect anything less from me?!)

1.Use a Jello mold, they are specifically made for making these tiny gelatin masterpieces...the one  the original pin suggested is found here.

2.After following the Jello instructions to a T, (remember Jello is a wild one and is strict with the rules), take the whole thing out of the fridge, and put in a bowl or sink of hot water for around 10 seconds, up to where the top of Jello is (Jello side up, bottom of bowl down!).

3. Next gently shake mold from side to side.

4. Place plate on top and flip over.

5. If it is still sticking try the hot water again, but for less time than the first time, you don't want to warp the mold.

6. Another tip is to stick with plastic and metal molds, they seem to be more user friendly.

Good luck Jello lovers! Let us know if you have any other suggestions or words to the wise, we love your feedback! Happy Thursday!



  1. Another thing to try is to follow the jello jigglers recipe on the box. It uses less water, and I think it uses fruit juice which contains pectin and will help with the setting of the jello. Good luck!

  2. LOL I laugh when I see people post this saying to use an acutal lego. If you notice when you click on the original link just below the photo is a link to amazon to buy a lego mold like the jigglers mold. Thus why theirs came out perfect :)

  3. You're not going to believe this, but I have made over 600 jellos, each weighing about 40lbs. in the past 2 years. Yes, I have a weird job. Spray the mold with Canola oil first. If the gelatin to water ratio is right, they should slide out with no problems. More jiggly, but more fragile - more water. More firm - less water. Good luck.

  4. Yeh, it's insane the amount of people who just read the little caption people put under the pin. Sometimes it's not even close to what you are supposed to put in the recipe or the actual instructions. I hate to say it, but I keep seeing the same thing over and over when people are having disastrous results: not having the correct supplies and not following the directions. Hmm.

  5. I swear I have seen this pin on pinterest and it suggested you use a "mega block" lego as the that's probably why they are using the mega block...

  6. but the mega block clearly has walls: will result in 4 separate pieces...

  7. I made these using single Mega Block pieces. I used a lot of cooking oil spray and added less water then required for the jelly to make it firmer. Mine actually came out quite good, I only had a couple collapse and I was really pleased with the results!


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