Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Organizational Hazard

Em here, so I guess Marquette and I are on the same wave length, because again, this is one of our own! Here goes!

The Original

This easy little DIY scarf organizer was just what I needed for The Mr.Chips 8 million ties seen here:

I need to preface this by saying, this project endured all those ties for about six months, but didn't  make it during the move this last June. Boo. And I, like so many of us, saw the picture once and decided to take creative liberty with it, and make it different and of course better...not so much. Here is the mess:

The Pinstrosity

Ok, ok, in MY defense, this is it pretty mangled after Chip tried to get all his ties off (they were begging for mercy at that point). However it didn't turn out well to begin with. I used masking tape, mistake number one (what was I thinking, seriously?! Masking tape?!). Then I put the hooks on the inside, which is fine, except I used WAY too many shower curtain hooks for one hanger, I should have broken it up between two hangers, mistake number two. Then I used a plastic hanger, because that is what I had, mistake number three.

How to fix this:
Don't put too many items on one hanger, it kinda defeats the purpose of an organized closet.
Use metal hangers.
Use ribbon, yarn, or try this method:

ALSO in my defense I was making this late at night, so maybe I was exhausted and not thinking clearly...anyways, embarrassing yes, but now informative for you, also a yes.
Happy organizing!



  1. I have done the one in the last picture. Works great - if you hold it perfectly level. However, one nudge and all the rings slide to the end the hanger falls off the rod.

  2. I am sorry, but I think you owe me some chiropractic visits. My back is aching from laughing so hard, and the tears are stinging my eyes.

  3. I did the last one and ended up with snags in my pashminas. Be careful.

  4. I second Zabet. I've tried the last one, it worked well, just don't nudge! ;) Also, I feel like the shower curtain rings aren't necessary... why not just drape them over the hanger rod?

  5. I used a trouser hanger and just hooked the shower rings to it for belts and scarfs it works well. I have one in girls closet for her little jeggings and pantyhose

  6. I think that the wooden hanger is a good idea. I used a plastic one and after awhile, it gets bent out of shape. I definitely wouldn't use a cheap wire hanger. It would be messed up in a minute!

  7. Buy one from IKEA, very cheap.

  8. hey, the last picture is from my blog!

    wooden hangers definitely work better than plastic (I originally used plastic). putting clips in between the loops also prevents them sliding all over. But yeah- it is not perfect :)

  9. Yeah IKEA has a hanger just for this use...and for scarves which is what I use mine for. Less than $5!

  10. Using the last picture, you can keep the rings from sliding by attaching them to the hanger with a bit of hot glue. I have done this and it works great. My three year old popped one ring loose and it was easily repaired with a new dab of hot glue.

  11. I wouldn't use those types of shower rings. I tried this and when I pulled a scarf off the ring it got snagged and ruined my scarf : (

  12. Go for the IKEA one - I have 3 of them. $8 and holds a TON of scarves: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70108912/

  13. I'm with Alee. The rings are totally unnecessary for scarves! Just loop them over the bottom part of the (wooden) hanger. I have several hangers full of scarves like that hanging on a hook in my closet (think it was there for a robe or something). I did them just like if you were to put the scarf on - fold in half, and pull the ends through the loop - so they're secured around the hanger and don't just slide off if they get jostled.

  14. I second all the IKEA suggestions. This may be one case where making it yourself is not easier, cheaper or cuter. Unless you don't live within reach of an IKEA store. I would be concerned that the curtain rings would snag expensive scarves or ties. I pretty much just yank my scarves off the IKEA hanger as it is fabric covered so I don't worry about snagging the scarves.


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