Thursday, July 12, 2012

Attention! Attention!

Good morning all, I am sitting here with Marquette, she is finally back! Yay! Today is a pin testing day, so hopefully we will have some Pinstrosities to hook you guys up with!!!

On to other news, we have recieved multiple emails about some projects we have already featured, for those of you who missed them I will post the links to them below, and please feel free to comment and give us suggestions for that project, how your project turned out differently maybe etc.

Strawberry Shrivels:
Crummy Curls:
I've Lost My Marbles:
Redundo Rolls:
Mancave Mishap:
The Wise Owl Says Just Go Buy a Cake:
I do not believe in Fairies:
Pinstrosity and the Amazing Technicolor Crayon Shapes:
Not so Lucky Cookies:
A Bunch of Hot Air:

And in case you are super confused about the GCT Fail Scale here is that one too:

Also, for those of you who might not have seen it (it is always located in the menu bar labeled "Contact Us or Submit a Pinstrosity) , the link for submitting your projects is also here for your convenience:

To add to that, when sending in Pinstrosities, we need the following in order to feature your post:
The original website link
A photo of your finished project
The story of what happened while doing your project, what you were thinking, what your family pitched in, how you might do it different next time, we get our posts from what YOU send in, so make it juicy! (Not too juicy though, we are a PG rated blog chaps!)

On another note, we have a comments policy that reads "Comments containing vulgarity, profanity, and/or rudeness will not be published. Please consider the feelings of others (readers, writers, submitters, etc.) before you post.". To reiterate this, we will under no circumstances publish anything that is negative or degrading of anyone else, please keep that in mind when commenting.

Due to the large amount of emails we have received in late, we will not be able to feature all submissions, however, we read them all, and to the best of our ability we will reply to questions, but please do not be offended if your submission isn't featured. There are a number of factors that go into what we choose to write about, and just because we haven't replied the day we receive your email does not mean it won't be posted in the future. If we feature your submission, you will receive an email with the link to the post about your project promptly.We appreciate all the feedback and projects that are submitted, so please keep em' coming!

We are super excited to announce that we will be having a guest writer coming soon! My friend Brittany is a genius when it comes to crafts, and we saw a need for a consultant on a project and she said yes! Woohoo! So stay tuned for that!

And last but not least, ( I know enough with the boring announcements), we have something BIG planned for August and we are excited to get working on that soon, so keep updated because it could involve YOU!


  1. Um i am so happy for you guys that you have gotten so big you actually have to let people know you won't be able to reply! Cheers mates and keep on!


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