Friday, July 13, 2012

A Few Quick Notes

Just a few quick add on to yesterday's announcements:

Pin Wins:
We have had some questions about what to do if you have a pin win you want to submit. Em and I talked it over yesterday and decided that we would post pin wins, but we are going to be extremely picky about the pin wins we feature. We will not be posting every pin win we receive. What are we looking for in a good pin win?

  • -A Pin Win that fixes a Pinstrosity
  • -A Pin Win that is creative
  • -A Pin Win that took some work
  • -Something that didn't turn out anything like the pin, but turned out utterly fantastic anyway

What we are not looking for:

  • -A normal cookie recipe that worked. 
  • -A simple craft that worked like the pin said it would
Do not be offended if we do not feature your Pin Win. Pin Wins are not the point of the site, but sometimes there are some that still fit the purpose of our site and that are very worth featuring. 

Pinterest Account
Follow Me on Pinterest
We have made Pinstrosity its own Pinterest Account. We will be using it to showcase the Pinstrosities, and to gather up great projects to test out. We have a To Test board where we post up projects that seem interesting, iffy, or funny to us; when we have time we will try to test from that board, but if you see a pin on it that you want to test out for us, by all means do it (and then send us the results, Pin Win or Pinstrosity). 

Twitter Account
We have also made us a Twitter Account! We're both a little new to twitter, but we're excited to explore the new possibilities it holds.

To protect your photos and our content, the Pinstrosity watermark will be placed on the photographs of the submitted Pinstrosities (not the original pin photos) unless we are directed otherwise by the submitter or the photo is submitted with a watermark present. We are working hard to ensure that credit is given to the correct people and that pictures are not taken from our site and used for other purposes. 

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