Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glitter is a Girl's Best Friend

Em here, so today I read a post from a reader that spoke straight to my heart...Glitter Everything :) I am a girl who has sparkle on EVERYTHING,  The Mr. Chips likes to say that my style is Bling-ed Out Nature, which in a weird way is exactly what it is, bling-ed out branches, feathers, wood, rocks, you name it. Anyways that is exactly why I LOVE this project, Rachel sent us this glitter project that sparkles, all over her house...

The Original

The Pinstrosity

Now it doesn't look too awful, but if you look closely, it is lumpy on the inside and the top edge is all over the place, let's break it down.

The original pinner says to use mod podge and Martha Stewart Fine Glitter, and a sponge brush. Rachel said she used all the same products, but the one particular post she read didn't mention glue to glitter ratios, so she said she just eye-balled it. Problemo Numero Uno. Next she said she put it upside down (after applying the glitter) and the sides starting "melting away" Problem Number Two, no bueno (The Mr. Chips just started taking this at home Spanish class, so it must be rubbing off on me...apologies). She wiped it off, and said she put another layer on the bare parts of the jar, and then put it on a wire rack to let it dry for three days, first off I admire her patience I would not have waited that long, second off she said it glooped off again, Problem Number Three. She says she uses it anyways but HATES how it turned out, and I would have to agree, not ideal. I have worked with mod podge quite a bit and it can be a tricky mistress, observe:

1. The same blog had the original tutorial for glittering objects around the house, and the first post was a clutch (super cute by the way). In that tutorial she says to use two parts glitter to one part mod podge, if you use to much glue when it dries there isn't very much glitter, and just a lot of bare spots.

2. Rachel mentioned that the glitter was melting away from her project when she flipped it upside down, the glue being slightly runny is to be expected, that is why it is upside down, but not TOO runny. In my opinion, it sounds like there was too much product and it was just too heavy. It's kinda like when you use a dry erase marker over a dry erase marker on the white board, it takes the original away and you are left with nothing. The product on the jar was too heavy and pulled everything away when it was dripping off.

3. In the original tutorial (the clutch) she said to wait 20 minutes and then 2nd coat it. She ended up doing 4 coats on the clutch to get the look desired. It does take patience but I really think the problem here was too thick of a first coat and it just set the whole thing off into a train wreck. I think the key to this project is several very thin coats, not too heavy, won't slide off, and won't gloop onto whatever it's turned over on.
As for the edge, I would get sand paper and gently (very very very gently) slide it across the rim if you still fell it could be less goopy, which might make it feel rough( glitter rough)( like when you paint your nails with glitter polish but don't top coat it), line the edge of the jar with a light coat of pure mod podge (no glitter) and it should get you the desired look. If for whatever reason you run out of mod podge, you can substitute with clear nail polish for the rim.

Small changes and I think that this should turn out better next time. Has anyone done this project and had similar or even different results? Let us know your feedback, it is always appreciated!!



  1. Just like to say, I love this blog!! I am quite familiar to projects not turning out quite like I expected them to, but I love how you give advice on how to get the result you really want. Thanks!!

  2. I would try a spray glue. They give a much finer coat of adhesive, you can even buy some that have glitter in them.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Ooh, glitter spray glue. That's genius! Thank you Jenny.

    2. Krylon makes a glitter spray paint that is awesome. Very glittery. They make a sealer for it also. You can pick it up at a craft store like hobby lobby. Kinds pricey so grab a coupon.

  3. i found this video on Youtube that may help:


  4. I used a mixture of glitter and mod podge and had a great result, when it dries its clear and shows up really shiny..i love it

  5. I made mason jars with glitter on the inside and what I did was just lightly coat the jar with modge podge then roll glitter in the jar, and dump out excess. This worked great for the inside. On some of the jars(only a few because it takes FOREVER!) I did the glitter on the outside. I used thin layer of modge podge and poured/spread the glitter, let dry and did 3-4 layers over all. They turned out great! The key is to use light layers of modge podge. I tried mixing the glitter and modge podge, but it didnt really work too well.

  6. This worked perfectly for me!! I was careful to coat the vase with a "thin, even layer" of mod podge just like the directions stated. I decided to add a second layer of glitter though because i thought it looked too thin. I wish i could share a picture of my master piece!


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