Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Full Moon Rolls

I used to think that dinner food was my favorite...and I still love it, but I'm really getting into breakfast foods lately. Or maybe it's just breakfast time and that's skewing my opinion right this moment. Either way, this morning's Pinstrosity looks DELISH! 

The Original Pin
Simple Cream Cheese Danishes. Oh heavens, I love cream cheese danishes. SOOO good. Grace "saw this recipe and thought, 'Hey, crescent rolls turned into my favorite breakfast food? That sounds amazing!' I mean, come on, I love me some danishes! Ummmm, well, maybe not so much."

The Pinstrosity

"The cream cheese filling and cherry glaze just slid right off the tops of the rolls as it was baking, and the picture shows the result of my trying to salvage the filling by spooning it back over the top of the crescent rolls. Not nearly as pretty as I had hoped! The recipe itself was still edible, and actually very tasty. Actually, the whole pan was eaten in about 15 minutes. Did I mention I love danishes?"

Grace...you and I could be breakfast buddies. Oh man I love danishes. 

So now let's dissect these scrumptious puppies. I don't know if it's the difference in angles that the photo were taken, but the danishes in the original picture don't look quite as tall as Grace's; Grace's rolls look more round and full (like a full moon...get my corny title now? hahahaha). The difference in shape could have easily contributed to the filling staying in vs. the filling sliding off. If there is a place to slide off on the danish, it probably isn't quite flat enough and/or the indentation in the middle wasn't quite deep/wide enough. I'd start by making sure I had a good sized indentation (and then it'll hold more filling, which is the whole point, right?). 

Honestly, I think that's pretty much it. Again...when I'm done with this sugar free and low carb deal, these are on the list of "I must have these" recipes. 



  1. Maybe try making them in muffin tins so that they don't fall over and loose the toppings? :)

  2. I made this and thought it was so easy! My result was beautiful and tasty. Maybe the poster treated the canned crescents the same way you would treat fresh dough - don't. It will be fine if you knead it, mash it, do whatever to it. The cream cheese will leak off if you give it a place to. Make a crater and it'll come out beautiful.

  3. Eeyah - loose is the opposite of tight. Lose is what happens when something disappears or he's away.

  4. I grew up making a pastry with my mom that was similar. Circular cut of dough, punched down in the middle, filled with stuff = yum. Here are some tips. Make sure the hole is big enough, and you push down hard enough in the middle to discourage it from rising again in the oven. I found that using a small glass worked well for this. Also, just like cupcakes, you can't overfill the hole. Remember that the filling will bubble up in the oven. Now, it's not like cupcakes where it will double in size, but your hole will shrink a bit in the oven from the dough around it expanding. I hope that makes sense.

  5. Open the crescent rolls carefully to avoid unrolling or tearing the dough. You'll need to leave it in it's cylindrical shape. Slice the dough into pieces about 1/4 inch thick (as though you're slicing cookie dough). Place the slices on a cookie sheet and press the center in to make an indentation for the cream cheese filling.

    These are the instructions from the original Pin, I'm guessing the original poster didn't do this but instead just worked with the original crescents instead of slicing them

  6. I love this recipe. It's a hit with my family. I make them almost weekly and they're so quick and easy. I would say it's my family's favorite Pin. You definitely have to be sure to make the indentations deep enough but it is so worth it. They're delicious!!

  7. I make these danishes nearly weekly. It's probably my family's favorite Pinterest discovery and we've never had problems. You do have to be sure to make the indentation quite deep. But this recipe is fantastic!!


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