Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing...The GCT Fail Scale

We decided that it could be helpful (and humorous) to have a scale to rate the Pinstrositites on, since some projects are just slight deviations from their original pins and others are complete disasters. Thus was born...drum roll please.......

What does GCT stand for and why the burning toast? It all goes back to the project that got us talking about this blog...the Grilled Cheese Toast adventure (aka, the Not So Grilled Cheese adventure). We figured that was just about as wrong as a project could go (knock on wood...yes a project could get worse, but we hope that this is the worst it injuries or structural damage). So we named the Fail Scale the Grilled Cheese Toast Fail Scale...but that's just wordy, so The GCT Fail Scale was born. We ask each submitter to rate their own Pinstrosity when they send it to us.

Here's what each level means:

1: White-It didn't even toast at all!   This is when a project varies from its intended finished product slightly, but it's fairly close.

2: Two-Toned-Toasted on one side, but not the other.  This is when a project doesn't quite turn out, but it's still usable. More of an "It's not ideal, but it still kinda worked" mentality. 

 Brown-Darker than preferred, but still edible. This is when a project definitely went wrong, but all hope is not lost. Maybe it's usable as something else. Maybe it's semi-usable as intended. It's definitely not quite right, but not worth throwing away either.

4: Black-Charred, but maybe the dog will eat it. This is definitely a project gone wrong. It's no longer usable as originally intended, but maybe it's still usable in pieces? Maybe you can dismantle it for the future?

5: Up in Flames-Past saving. This is when a project hits disaster zone. There's no saving any of it. Time to chuck it all out.


  1. ...I'm wetting my pants. This is just too funny! It doesn't help that I think of Emily and her toaster oven! I have to come back and read this sometime when I'm not in the library.

  2. i wouldnt feed my dogs charred anything. It has the same cancer causing effect on them as it does us. Just saying..


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