Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mt. Dew Dud

I've seen this going around and around on a bunch of different sites. I know how it turns out, but because of its continuing popularity, we decided to do an official test and post it up.
The Original Pin
How to make Mt. Dew glow. The video looks convincing. Looks like fun. But this is the result:
The Pinstrosity

"There's nothing in that picture!" you say. Wrong...my husband is in that picture holding the "glowing" bottle of Mt. Dew. Seriously. As you can see...it doesn't glow! Just look at the Cam-man's disappointed and disgusted face below when the flash was used.

Every time one of my friends posts it I tell them, "Don't bother, it's a hoax. It doesn't work." Slowly the word is getting out. Mt. Dew does not glow when you add baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. According to snopes.com, "The results claimed in the original video were likely created by the surreptitious introduction of a glow solution into the Mountain Dew bottle, either through off-screen manipulation or via a substitution covered by editing."

We were finally able to make it glow by cutting open a glow stick and pouring the liquid in the bottle. The exuberance lasted about 10.2 seconds. Then it just wasn't cool anymore.



  1. I found a video of this "Glowing Mt. Dew" on Youtube one day. I tried it and got the same results. Upon further inspection of the video, (me, looking really close at the screen, looking for changes) I noticed that there was a tiny skip in the video between the Mt. Dew mixture before it glowed, and after it started glowing. Looking even harder, I noticed what the problem was. They put a glow stick in the bottle! They "skip" in the video was them pausing the video recording so that they could stick a glow stick in there.

  2. Glad I wasn't the only one that tried this and it didn't work. Too bad I didn't see this first.

  3. I tried this as well and it did not work! Kind of sad because my little one really wanted to see it glow and got too stay up late! :<(

  4. We were so disappointed camping that the glow bottle didn't work - good lesson for kiddo that sometimes things don't work out

  5. I don't know if this would work but maybe you put a glow stuck in a full bottle of Mtn dew

  6. this was the very first thing i ever tried from pinterest and the kiddos and i were very disappointed!

  7. you should check out snopes. com for hoax's and old wives tales etc.


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