Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretzel Roll Buns

It wasn't until middle school that I discovered there was such a thing as a soft pretzel...I was instantly hooked. I don't like the small crunchy ones, unless their coated in chocolate or flavored yogurt. Mmmmm. One of the great things about doing this blog is that we are being introduced to some fun and funky new food ideas that may not ever have come our way before, and this past week we got a great food Pinstrosity from Leanne that I'm dying to try out now. Pretzel Rolls!

The Original Pin
Leanne tells us, "I was thrilled to find this recipe and it looked so good. I followed the recipe, although I used my kitchen aid to mix and I used whole wheat flour instead of white." 

And here are her results:
The Pinstrosity

They don't look exactly like the picture, but hey...what project hardly ever does, right? Leanne say that this recipe "made 15 HUGE buns. Like small loaves of bread. If I had made them for a picnic lunch for 15 people it would have been great. Piling cheese and veggies on them would have been lovely."

Her other problem...getting the salt to stick to the pretzel roll/buns, but that was, as she pointed out in the email, probably because they didn't have coarse sea salt on hand to use (I'm assuming that means she used regular table salt?). 

So not a complete disaster, but this didn't quite turn out how Leanne had hoped. She sent along her own recommendations for the future: 

  • Make 30 buns instead of 15. Freeze some for later. 
  • Next time I'll make some pretzels out of the dough as well. Just because.
  • And one I'm adding, grab you some coarse sea salt for this, because what is a pretzel without the salt?


  1. Before I read this today, I did buy the coarse salt when I was shopping.

    I'm looking forward to making more. I might try the unbleached white flour next.

    1. Awesome, let us know how it goes!

    2. As I live in southern Germany, I am kind of a Brezel (=pretzel) expert...no not really. I only know how to eat them!
      I like whole wheat flour Brezels too, but they don't really look and taste like the original white wheat flour ones. This could be the reason, why the pinstrosity rolls don't have such a smooth surface as the original. The whole wheat flour ones in our German bakery stores actually look the same .

      Oh, and your salt problem - you already solved it. It definitly needs this big grain salt... (how's it called correctly?) If you have frozen rolls, let them thaw for some minutes before pressing the salt gently onto.

  2. I used a different pretzel recipe recently from food network that called for heating up water and adding some baking soda that I then swished each pretzel through before putting it on the baking tray and sprinkling with salt. It made the dough tacky, so maybe that is what helped the salt stick. :)

  3. We've had these several times, and love them, but of course like most things mine are not so pretty, but oh well, it's about taste, right?
    I do boil in the baking soda water too for these, then put the salt on after that!

  4. There is actually "pretzel salt" for sale in my grocery store that is different from just coarse-grained salt....

  5. using Whole Wheat flour is probably why the color is different. I would not call these a pinstrosity, they look great.

  6. pretzels need to be spritzed with water before adding salt


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