Monday, March 12, 2012

Cookies and Cream Clump Cakes

What is it about those beautiful little chocolate cookies that we just love so much? They are amazing. I've had them plain, dunked in milk, dunked in milk with a fork (thank you Flub of Cork!), in a chocolate chip cookie, in ice cream, in dirt cake, etc. I had never seen or heard of putting them in a cupcake. Genius!

The Original Pin:
Stacie found this pin and decided this was a must try. Her husband ran and got the supplies for her and she set off on her culinary adventure.
The Pinstrosity:
What you're seeing are the cupcakes bottoms up...or middles up depending on how they came out of the pan. 
What Went Wrong?

  • Stacie tells us that everything seemed to go just right, until while mixing these scrumptious cakes up she realized that she only had 1 TBS of vanilla instead of the 2 TBS + 2 tsp the recipe called for, so that's just what she used.
  • She has a set of USA pans "which say you don't need muffin cups or cooking spray," as Stacie explained to us (which I needed...I hadn't heard of USA pans yet). 
  • The cupcakes ended up taking about 25 minutes to bake rather than the 18-20 the recipe said. 
In addition to sticking to the pan and falling apart some, Stacie says that these cupcakes "weren't tasty until day 2. Maybe I needed the 2 tbs vanilla extract." That, I am guessing, would be a big factor to help give these the Cookies and Cream taste. I'll have to try this out and see, because it sounds delicious!



  1. I've actually made these cupcakes before, for a friend's child's 3rd birthday party last year and they turned out beautifully! The kids loved them and the parents were all impressed with the "cookie surprise" in the bottom. My biggest mistake was using black sanding sugar on top (it was a mickey mouse themed party) and everyone was running around with black lips, very goth.

  2. I've made a chocolate cupcake version of this with vanilla Oreo buttercream on top(via Bakerella's amazing blog). Things that make a difference:
    -ALWAYS use cupcake papers, but paper, not foil. The foil kind made the Oreo into a funky texture and it stuck to the bottom of the liner.
    - put a tiny coating of batter in each liner before placing the Oreo. It helps the Oreo rise up a little bit.
    In any case, these are always a huge hit. My co-workers request them for their birthday instead of a gift.

  3. I made these a couple months ago with similar results. I followed the recipe to the letter and used paper liners. The cakes stuck horribly to the liners. I was so bummed! I'll try again maybe using Aimee's suggestion about putting some batter in first.

  4. I am super late to this post, but I've made these twice in the past 2 months, and both times they turned out PHENOMENAL. Here is a picture of the first batch:

    And I didn't do anything particuliarly special - just followed the recipe exactly, lined the cupcake tins with paper liners, and voila! The cake didn't stick to the liners at all, the oreos had a perfectly soft but still slightly crunchy texture, and it all held together well. Got TONS of compliments on them.


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