Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peepster Holiday Peril

Easter Peeps Centerpiece

  Em here, I am back! After a fabulous week in the Caribbean (tough life right?), I am back to Blog! A lovely thank you to our wonderful Marquette for blogging full time while I was gone, I owe ya one!
 So St. Patty's Day is far over, and now to a much sweeter holiday, Easter! We received an email from reader Kim about a cute (and yummy) centerpiece for spring, her attempt while honorable, didn't quite turn out the way she hoped, check it out:

The Original Pin

The Pinstrosity

  Lets take a second to look at some differences that may have contributed to this not quite being what she was looking for:
  • The vase in the original seems to be slightly larger, allowing for three peeps to fit, instead of two, the original doesn't look quite so cramped.
  • Kim said she didn't have flowers, so she wanted to try eggs, the problem with that is the eggs didn't quite fill in all the spaces she was hoping it would.
  • The Jelly Beans are more of a Valentines color scheme, the green in the original is very Springy ( although the red Jellys I  really don't mind, I probably would have used leftover Jelly Bellys too, if you have em' waste not!)
  • When looking at the original pin, after some investigation, I found that the flowers were placed in a cup filled with water, that was placed in the middle of the vase, this helped to keep everything in place, because there wasn't was much room for everything to jostle around.
   So the other issue here are those pesky marks from having to separate the peeps, I have a few ideas on how to solve this.
  •  I do believe they sell individual peeps now days, so if you are willing to spend more, that could work.
  • Another idea is to use the peeps on the end of the rows in the packaging for the corners, place the non torn peeps on both corners, and any ole' peep in the middle, you might have to buy more packages to do this, but hey, you wanted to eat a few anyways right?
  • And I haven't tried it, but the thought came to me( and Kim mentioned this also) to color the white marshmallow part with a pink highlighter, (or yellow, or green, what have you) the peeps might just match the color perfect, worth a shot. Then you can eat them later  might not want to eat them after all that.
All in all very cute, easy fixes, and maybe even a tasty treat ;) Happy Peepster Holiday everyone!



  1. Another thing you could do for the white part is just dip the sticky, white marshmallow part in all the leftover sugar in the paper trays the peeps come in. I know when I get mine there's always a ton of sugar that's fallen off in transit. If you dip the sticky part in that, it should cover the white part perfectly. Maybe collect all the loose sugar from several trays in a small bowl so that you have enough to work with.


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