Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mt. Nutella

Nutella Mug Cakes
 So reader Helen sent this Pinstrosity in to us via email, and I can say that this gave ME a great chuckle, and well after some of the disasters that I have had, I thought I had seen it all! I was wrong!!! This is a perfect example of WHY we have Pinstrosity, to sort out mishaps like this!
The Original Pin

  The Pinstrosity

Well, her microwave still works after this little mishap, so that would be a huge positive from my point of view! Helen explained what happened as, "The recipe say it makes 1 very large serving so I used our big mugs, which turned out to not be big enough. So when I turned my back on the microwave to lick the Nutella off the spoon (seriously who wouldn’t) it erupted." And just to confirm her wonders, yes when left alone with Nutella, spoon licking will ALWAYS ensue.

How to Fix It-
Helen tried the recipe again, only this time halving it between two mugs, and said the results turned out wonderful! As a side note I would also recommend using one of the larger "Mug Bowls" it is more of a bowl with a handle, for this particular recipe. Helen ended by adding that as to not be wasteful, she topped the first batch with whipped cream and gave it to her hubby, microwave plate and all. A happy ending for everyone.


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