Saturday, July 13, 2013

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Interchangeable Flower Hairpieces

Hello all!
 Em here, I am sorry that I TOTALLY dropped the ball on posts this week. I was house sitting 45 minutes out of town and between driving, working, and starting the summer semester it just all ended up being too much. Thanks for bearing with us as life gets in the way, but hey, it happens!
I hope that todays Show-and-Tell Saturday makes up for it, it's quick, cheap, easy and pretty fun actually! Enjoy!
Show-and-Tell Saturday: Interchangeable Flower Hairpieces!
So I don't have any dolls, or a baby on hand lol So the globe will have to do as my lovely model!
I have some friends having babies soon, and for the ones having girls I thought it might be fun if they could have some interchangeable headbands.
I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and went off to Hobby Lobby, with my moms help we picked out some great basic flower colors and some fun print combos and went to work.
Here are the supplies you will need, this project is SUPER easy, and would be great for doing with your little girls, or maybe for a little girls birthday party!
Alright so I had:
-Measuring tape
-Glue gun
-Glue sticks
-White Ribbon ( I used 1'' wide because that is what I had on hand, I would suggest getting 1/2'' for this though because then you don't have to trim it to fit the clips)
-White Head Band material on a spool ( I could have bought little individual headbands (baby size 1 foot), but this was less expensive for more, it is stretchy and easy to sew).
-Various Brads ( I got black, clear crystal, sparkly, velvet, pearl etc.)
-Flower pieces ( layers? petals? I'm not sure what to call the individual pieces if you were to take apart a silk flower)
-Sewing kit (thread needle scissors etc.)
-Hair clips
I got my flowers and brads in the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby (that is the trick to this). Now days they sell just individual flower pieces (usually in packs of 25 to 50 pieces), and then you put them together when you are scrapbooking (or head band-ing)!! The brads will secure each for the layers together and there are a MILLION flower and brad options, colors, patterns, bling, no-bling etc. Luckily I hit Hobby Lobby when EVERYTHING I bought was already 50% off without a coupon which is what made this so inexpensive. Watch their sales it happens fairly often! Even if they hadn't been on sale, you get A LOT of supplies by buying a pre-packaged flower set. I have enough here for probably 20 headbands, and I spent a totally of 15 dollars on everything. Have you ever bought a already made headband? They are like $6-$15 dollars A PIECE!!! So this was just awesome!
Here's the process:
Decide what will be your "base", I chose colors I felt would get used the most, this is supposed to be a project where you can interchange colors and patterns whenever you want which is why we use the brads! I used Black, White, Pink, and Purple.
Each of these is just one flower piece or layer. They all come with holes in the middle already which is super convenient. ( My friend is having twins hence why there is two of everything, I hope she doesn't read this, and if she does...surprise!!! :) )
Next measure and cut your headband, then sew the ends together neatly.
I chose 1 foot because that the infant size they had at Hobby Lobby, they are super stretchy so they will be comfy for baby for quite a while.
Next I took the ribbon ( I had to cut mine in half) and glued it to the clip so that there wouldn't be metal up against babies head, and the flower sticks better the clip if there is a ribbon medium between them. Next glue this to the back of your base flower.
That part takes the longest, but this is the fun part, now you can layer and design your flowers!
This one is on a pink base, then I did light pink, white, polka pink, medium size light pink, small light purple, extra small polka pink.
Next place the brad through the holes of all the flowers, the brad will become your flower center. Secure the brad arms into the down position, like you would if it were used on paper, and voila!
Place the clip onto the headband and enjoy!
The awesome thing about these are, each of the flower layers, brads, and bases are interchnagable. I wanted to give the new mama the option of a flower for any cute outfit and I think this fits the bill.
The awesome thing is this would work for any pattern, flower, color, brad, and headband. The possibilities are endless!
Happy crafting!
Hope you all are having a great Saturday!
Stop by next week for Mix-It-Up-Monday!





  1. I do A LOT of flowers for showers and birthday gifts. I but my flowers on the stems when they go on sale at Micheals or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes Joanns. I've gotten them for .25 cents at Micheals when they Clarence they colors out for new colors. I personally like them better than in the packs. I also get some from they are pretty good priced and are really strong.

  2. These are awesome! However, as a mama I have to point out that the brads are a choking hazard. And while she'll love the thought of being able to switch out the colors, with twins, she won't have the time or energy to even change her mind, let alone take on a craft project. I bet if you put together a bunch of these and hot glued the brads in place, she would use them all the time.

    With that said, this is a great idea for my soon-to-be nine year old's birthday party. We can use regular headbands and glue a loop on each to attach the flowers. Ooh! Ribbons, and flowers, and sequins, oh my!

  3. Oops! I just realized you DID make a bunch of them. Just make sure to hot glue the brads so they don't come out or break apart.


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