Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Hooo" dat?

I came into work early today, where the internet still reigns. On one hand it's nice to be disconnected, but on the other hand, it's a pain in the neck. It was fun today because there were a ton of new Pinstrosity submissions that I hadn't seen yet (having been offline for nearly a week now). I'd like to share one of those with you today. 

One thing I love about Pinstrosity is that I've been able to cyber-meet some really neat people. There are a few that I've started corresponding with here and there and it's been really fun to find these new friends. One of these ladies is Kendra. She's bold, talented, super-mom, and just plain fun. This past week we received a great email from her with her first Pinstrosity submission and I had to share it with you. You'll like this!

Kendra's Pinstrosity:

I have read every Pinstrosity post since way back when Jen from Epbot recommended it to us, and I always wanted to participate. But I don't have as much time for Pinterest browsing and crafting as I'd like, and when I do attempt something I'm a real stickler for doing the research, following the instructions, and using the proper supplies. So (dare I thought?) I couldn't ever end up with something worthy of Pinstrosity.

But, I did.

And I think I've even come up with a new category: The Thing in My Head Wasn't on Pinterest For a REASON.

Let me back up. My daughter wanted an owl party for her fourth birthday. No problem. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for that. I made a board, I got my supplies, I executed all the pins I decided on pretty successfully.

Especially great were the owl baby cupcakes . . . 

The Original Pin:

My daughter loved the cupcakes, but she was worried about all those baby owls not having a mama. I couldn't find any mama owl cakes on Pinterest that looked like I could make them quickly and easily and with supplies I had on hand. So I decided to wing it. (dum, dum, DUM)

I had an idea in my head of what it would look like. But without being able to see someone else's completed work on Pinterest, it was all just a guess.

I wanted to make a chocolate peanut butter Rice Krispy Treat owl, with eyes made of powdered sugar donuts and Hershey's kisses. I thought it would give the same big eye look that the baby owls have.

But again, I didn't use Pinterest. I was flying blind here. And what I made is the stuff of nightmares. I give you the Rice Krispy Owl . . . OF DOOM:

So, obviously, since I didn't want my four year old to start wearing all black and listening to Marilyn Manson, I had to take those terrifying donuts off and start over. My second try used open-faced Oreos for the eyes, and a half Oreo on top of each eye that was meant to make the horns, but it ended up looking exactly like Groucho Marx. You'll have to take my word for it, I don't have a photo.

My third try still isn't my favorite thing ever, but it had a cute barn owl-quality to it, and my daughter liked it, so that's what we went with. 

But the moral of the story is, if you can't find what you're thinking of already on Pinterest, it MIGHT be because you're a creative genius, or it might just be because it isn't a very good idea.

The rest of the photos from the party, with all of my successful pins, are up at!

 Personally, I think the owls look great (especially that last one! Way to go Kendra!), but we are always our best and worst critic. Her post did remind me though of one of our first posts here on the blog...The Wise Owl Says "Just Go Buy a Cake":

The Original Pin

That was the pin Em was going for...but when she went to make it her computer was being fussy and she couldn't get a picture up to look at. So, she went off of memory. 

The Pinstrosity
The Big Cake

The Little Cupcakes

Let me tell you...these were scrumptious. A little creepy looking, but since it was Halloween, that was perfectly fitting. And since they tasted so good, all was well anyway. Tasty is better than pretty when it comes to food!


  1. I love your cupcakes, they were very cute. The Momma owl you obviously put time and effort into. I would have called it good after the first one. And yes a little scary still a good looking owl. But I LOVE the barn owl you ended u with. How clever. Very good idea and end product.

  2. I liked the first (rice krispy) mama owl myself, as well as the ones after it. The "Big Cake" owl looking-thing reminded me of a gremlin... what was that little guy's name from that movie waaaaay back? Gizmo? Ha! Anyway, kudos for the effort. =)

    1. Gizmo was the cute and cuddly mogwai, Stripe was the gremlin.
      I agree, I like the first mama owl best too. Although the barn owl face was creative genius! I see no pinstrosity there!

  3. Oh! I loved ALL the Mommy Owl creations, too cute!

  4. I love the mama owl with the doughnut eyes!

  5. The mama owl cracked me up but she turned out lovely!

  6. Okay, I hate eating those crunchy croissant-slice things but I think the idea of using one as a barn-owl face was genius! This was a win all around!

  7. I'v made the baby owl cupcakes before. One piece of advice: buy a LOT of m&m's. There were only 4 (FOUR! REALLY?) brown ones in the bag I got, so we had a lot of blue eyed owls and even a few with green eyes. I LOVE the Mama barn owl. Major creative (and perseverance) point to Kendra!

  8. I'm so in love with the barn's so simple to see how you did it, and yet spot-on. Awesome!

  9. Try Reese's Pieces instead of M&Ms... there are way more brown ones! I believe you can also order specific colors of M&Ms online if you don't want to have leftovers. (But why would you mind?) Also, I would say to be sure to turn them over so the M's aren't showing, and it will look neater.


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