Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun Pinstrosity Feature!

So readers, today has been a school, work, workout, then work again we don't have a failed craft for you today...but we do have something fun and exciting for you :)
We were mentioned and linked to in the New York Times Style Section!!!!
It's awesome that this website has become something that so many people feel they can relate to, that was the point all along! Awesome-sauce.
So swing by the New York Times' post, and check it out!
We are beyond excited about this :)
Happy Wednesday All!


  1. What an awesome mention! This blog has never been about making fun of people, it's about laughing at our own mistakes and finding virtual solace in the fact that other people have crafting fails too!

    But now it's in the New York Times, so it's official!

  2. Congrats! (And at the end of this post you called the NYT the New York Post-- that's a different paper.)

    1. She said "the new york times' post"... not the New York Post.

    2. We did have "New York Post", but once Toni alerted us to our mistake we fixed it.


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