Friday, July 19, 2013

Manageable Mason Jars

How many of us REALLY love the size of our bathroom? You neither huh? I think I have been in maybe two home bathrooms in my whole life that I would consider big enough to be comfortable in. There is just so much stuff to put in there! And if you are a girl, well you need a whole other house to "Get Ready" in if we are being realistic here.
Well thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest we ladies have more organizational ideas for the bathroom then EVER before! Lucky for us also, the ever so inexpensive Mason Jar trend is RIGHT in the middle of it.
Now I know some of you don't like this trend, but I for one LOVE it!! It's cute ( I think), it's cost affective (Bertolli's Pasta anyone?!) and it's functional.
I have one in my bathroom and a few in the bedroom and the kitchen.
I LOVE THEM! I even have a fun blue one now :)
Well Samantha just moved into her DREAM HOME!!! Yay! Congrats!
They knew going in that it would be a tight squeeze in the bathroom, so they decided to get creative when it comes to bathroom organization, and well it turned out marvelous! Check it out!
The Original
This cute bathroom even has cute walls!
This was Samantha's inspiration!
The Pin-Win!
Her bathroom wasn't big enough to have the board horizontal, so she switched it around, put the jars on in an off-centered way so they could be easy to take things in and out of and voila!!
She did warn that when they attached the board to the wall her wood split a bit so they hit it with some wood glue.
I LOVE this! If I wasn't in a rental I would do this in a heartbeat!
I love when Pinners take things and make them work FOR THEM, that is what Pinterest is all about! It is a website designed to help you best express your interests, whatever that may be!
Hope you all have a great weekend! Tune in next week for Marquette's Mix It Up Monday!


  1. Oh, I love this. I rent, as well, but I can still do it. The walls here are solid plaster, and whilst my dear landlord has repeatedly told me to hammer in kind of hanger I like, I simply cannot bring myself to do it.

    I use those Command strips and hangers and some of them can hold a significant amount of weight.

    Still, I might check the dollar stores for something of a similar size and shape, but in lighter weight, like plastic or something mesh-like that I can make into the proper shapes.

    I am totally doing this.

  2. That's really nifty. My bathrooms are gihuge, so I don't need it there, but my craft room is a little tight. I might just try that.

  3. That's really clever! Great result!

  4. I love this! I will be making these soon. Our bathroom is about the size of a small closet, seriously, like an 6x8 room or something crazy like that. We are a family of 11, yes 11, and have only one bathroom. I have always been a great organizer but never thought to utilize the little bit of wall space before. Thanks for sharing this! I'm so happy right now. lol


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